Finding Your Element

Finding-Your-ElementLet’s face it – in the tumultuous times we live in, we can often feel unsatisfied and powerless, be it due to an overwhelming number of career choices or feeling unfulfilled in our general life choices. Methods to gain back some sense of control are very popular. The British author Ken Robinson believes that finding one’s true element is the greatest tool for achieving long-term happiness and contentment. His theory is that determining one’s element results in one’s life being transformed by a different sense of engagement, satisfaction and purpose.

Each chapter in his new book analyses a different part of the journey to finding one’s element by focusing on one’s aptitudes, passions, attitudes and current situation. Robinson’s theory is enriched by people’s individual success stories in finding their destiny through working with their element. Creative exercises motivate the reader to create mood boards, mind maps and the like, which enable them to truly engage with the material discussed. Following up on the latter, Robinson also offers links to other resources in order to further the reader’s journey. Each chapter is rounded off by a number of questions, which propel the reader, to truly analyse how their mind set is momentarily and contemplate, if this is still their current truth or, if in fact, the individual envisages a change.

Setting some time aside to fully delve into Finding Your Element is essential in order to wreak the full rewards it has to offer. As the author says: ‘To be in your Element can take dedication, determination and keen sense of self awareness.’  The book is a great starting point for anyone wanting to set out on their individual journey in fulfilling their true calling or for people wanting to reassess their jobs and general lives. 

Finding Your Element is based on well-researched theory yet it is approachable and engaging, and will nudge anyone in the right direction to find their own personal element.

Finding Your Element by Sir Ken Robinsonby and Lou Aronica (Allen Lane) £16.99