Our Manifesto

Now that the future happened yesterday
Now that we are not what we can buy
Now that we don’t want to get anywhere any faster
Now that we want to make poverty history
Now that people are the most important thing for people
Now that we know that the greatest risk is not to risk
Now that we don’t need to be asleep to dream
Now it’s time to start again

Sublime is a bi-monthly international lifestyle magazine with ethical values and intelligent content.

Sublime is authentic, honest and fresh. It explores community and celebrates diversity and individuality. It captures the spirit of our time. Sublime is urban, entertaining, informative and thought provoking. And above all, Sublime is an independent voice.

Sublime started in March 2004 as a group of 30 media people gathered to discuss what a contemporary magazine should be all about. In a year’s time, the group devoted to Sublime grew to 300 influential opinion formers around the world – making Sublime the first magazine movement with such wide collaboration and following before its launch.

Sublime networking events are our source of energy, feeding the magazine with the kind of content that makes it so special.

Sublime belongs to a new breed of international independent magazines that are ready to skip the formulas to express its readers’ genuine interests.

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