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JohnCreaton1John Creaton

Over the years, the man behind Vegan Arborist has gained experience in the financial services sector and extensive expertise supporting businesses with a primary focus on social purpose across the UK, US, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, Ireland, Middle East, and India. Now, John Creaton the proud CEO and co-founder of a passionate platform dedicated to promoting plant-based sustainable products.

For Creaton, sustainability is a core value aligning with social purpose. He is focused on the commercial changes needed to drive the supply and demand for affordable and sustainable plant-based products. The goal of Vegan Arborist is to expand the market for these products, this way increasing health benefits, reducing greenhouse gases, and improving the lives of all sentient beings. 

Creaton acknowledges that the sustainability market can be confusing for consumers, what with the frustration of feeling like small cogs in a large global problem. Avoiding greenwashing or other misleading claims can be a challenge, and the job of Vegan Arborist is to make living sustainably a lot easier. The platform directly supports plant-based producers by listing hundreds of products all in one place, from food and drink to household products and clothes.

With the platform further supporting the scale up of plant-based producers through the provision of funding and development services support, Creaton believes Vegan Arborist can significantly increase awareness, volume, and affordability of plant-based sustainable products.


EvopapProfileKaushal Shah

envoPAP was set up to transform agricultural waste fibres into sustainable materials. With its raw materials sourced from India, the UK-based company uses green technology to create practical products that not only save the environment, but contribute to the epitome of a circular economy.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs focused on India’s paper and packaging industry, serving the economy for the past 55 years, Kaushal Shah had always dreamed of solving the problems posed by the sector on a larger scale. Now, he sees sustainable development as the core of the sector, paving the way for securing a safe and healthy working environment and creating eco-friendly products.

Instead of using wood-fibre and fuel-based plastics, envoPAP innovate by reclaiming agricultural waste to make a wide variety of printing and packaging products in a completely carbon-neutral process. These perform at the same standards as their unsustainable counterparts, but at a fraction of the environmental cost. By putting people and the planet before profits, envoPAP create extra income for local farmers, help countries and corporations reduce their carbon footprint, and play an active part in the global effort against climate change.


NatusanProfileKieran O’Ceallachain

Natusan was started by a group of cat-loving entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity to transform the pet waste industry. Kieran O’Ceallachain and the Natusan Team love being able to make a positive impact on the planet and its feline friends (in fact, the Team’s cats regularly feature on Natusan’s social media feeds!).

2.5 million tons of cat litter are sent to landfill each year in the UK alone? That’s two percent of all non-recyclable domestic waste. O’Ceallachain and the Team decided to do something about it – to improve the carbon footprint of pet owners by helping them reduce waste, they transform recycled wood into cat litter, deliver it directly to your door each month, and collect used litter to turn into fertiliser. But that’s not all – the London service is partnered with Trees for Cities, planting a tree in a UK city for every Collect & Compost customer. As of 2020, they’ve planted 1000.

For those outside of London and not eligible for the Collect & Compost scheme, you can still have your cat litter delivered within 48 hours. And even without composting, simply switching to Natusan reduces your waste by 51 percent.


Gareth2Gareth McKeever

Co-founded by Gareth McKeever with his wife Claire, in the heart of England’s iconic Lake District National Park lays the home of Pure Lakes Skincare. Their natural beauty products are handmade using beneficial plant ingredients and they are one of the UK’s first beauty companies to launch a refill service. This is an initiative that embraces the concept of the circular economy, one that is designed to encourage a massive reduction in product packaging; recycling is great, but reusing is even better.

Keeping its sustainability promise and upholding its reputation as an ethical business, Pure Lakes not only produces in small batches to minimise waste and ensure the highest quality product, but uses bottles made from a sugar biopolymer. Setting up a refill service felt like a natural next step for the company. 

‘My wife and I have a young family and we feel very privileged to be able to raise them in such a beautiful part of the world – we want to ensure that it remains such for future generations. We hope that, by offering a refill service, we can make a positive difference,’ McKeever says.

Pure Lakes supplies award-winning natural skincare direct to consumers to a variety of retail partners and also across hospitality, contributing to the spread of sustainable beauty into the mainstream. Pure Lakes’ refill service not only reduces your carbon footprint, but offers a 20 percent off retail price of your chosen product – good for your wallet and great for the planet.


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