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Juuty began much like other socially responsible fashion brands, with a passion and calling to make the world a better place. When world travellers and entrepreneurs Rosanne van Kleef and Rik van Dueren den Hollander set foot in Bangladesh, they were inspired by the enthusiastic and optimistic attitude towards life despite the surrounding poverty and pollution. They soon became compelled to create opportunities for its people, building on their talented craftsmanship and beautiful materials. And so, Juuty, a business based on fair, eco-friendly production and trade was born.

“We learn a lot from the entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. They have a desire to improve the quality of life of their workers as well as their business and they are committed to working hard and ethically.”

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After a year of brainstorming and planning, Rosanne and Rik finally partnered with a fair-trade certified factory that encourages female employment, and provides a safe and positive environment for its workers. They are given vacation time, leave and fair wages which help support their children’s education and always three meals a day. Besides, for each bag sold, Juuty donates a bag of food to people in Bangladesh who are not able to work.

Juuty’s concept is based on reinventing the use of a traditional, local material. For many good reasons, jute is known as the “golden fibre” – its appearance has a gold silk-like shine, and its great sustainability advantages. Juuty is the first company in the world that uses a newly developed type of jute which is softer, smell-free and extremely durable. The fashionable looks, originality in design, and the strength of jute allow the bag to be used as an ideal city hopper, an urban bag. It has many pockets with iconic zippers which are very handy, and add an identifiable, unique touch. The leather used in the bags is also produced with the least polluting drying techniques, and tanned using natural instead of harmful processes.

Juuty’s home market is Belgium and The Netherlands, but their brand is quickly expanding trade into Europe and other parts of the world via their e-shop.

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