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Whitfords Photo Body Text 1Whitfords

A family business, Whitfords is one of Britain’s first 100 percent plastic-free skincare brands. Working in small batches from their southeast London studio, Whitfords are on a mission to provide the conscious consumer with a viable option, so that they don’t have to compromise their values when it comes to skincare.

The origin of the products we consume along with the ingredients and materials used to make them is more than a minor detail to Whitfords. Passionate about the planet’s ecosystems and people’s livelihoods, their initial range of five environmentally-sensitive and ethically-sound products include a variety of formulations (not just oil blends and butters). They make the most of multi-functional, innovative plant-based ingredients with immense benefits for the skin, taking advantage of cold processes and minimal water content.

Whitfords offer sustainable alternatives to palm-derived ingredients, innovative bio-ferments, peptides, and liposomes for targeted delivery of active ingredients. Most of their ingredients are also purchased from cooperatives that help local people, in particular women, and each product sold plants a tree.

Whitfords believe that while there is much more to improving our world than reducing plastic waste, they didn’t want to contribute to the problem, and so they chose to house their products in fully reusable and endlessly recyclable, stylish aluminium jars. All Whitfords products are gender-neutral, vegan, and certified Cruelty-Free – you’ll be taking care of yourself, but not at the expense of others.


Offering flawlessly designed, durable clothes that don’t cost the earth, Rozenbroek is a vegan fashion brand with a particular focus on ethical production and sustainable sourcing.

Rozenbroek founder, Jade, felt compelled to bring her experience with high fashion brands like Burberry and Versace to the world os sustainability – she couldn’t ignore the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry and the lack of options for conscious consumers. And so a small team of women hand-craft high quality, contemporary basics, as well as luxury pieces, in the solar-powered Rozenbroek factory in East Yorkshire. The brand’s aim is to give power back to the consumer and contribute to the much-needed shift in the market – their garments are made to order, which not only minimises waste, but helps develop a lasting and personal connection with customers. Their repair and recycle services, too, promote longevity and value, for example through creating tote bags and scrunchies from factory floor room cuttings.


BetterYou specialise in bringing the essential nutrients back into our hectic lives. Being the first company in the world to develop a topically-applied magnesium product and nutritional oral sprays, their commitment to absorption research has allowed them to develop its effective range of pill-free supplements.

In 2019, BetterYou launched The Better Planet Project, marking its dedication to reducing its impact on the environment through switching to environmentally-friendly plastics for its packaging, utilising ocean waste and post-consumer recycling, and pioneering plant-based plastic for future use. Their recycled packaging initiative is responsible for removing over 14 tonnes of plastic from the world’s oceans in 2019 alone.

‘As a brand whose use of plastic is fundamental, we have explored ways in which we can reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our industry,’ said Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director at BetterYou. Through actively campaigning for positive change in the recycling sector and lobbying governments to set ambitious environmental targets, BetterYou strive towards a self-sustaining recycling infrastructure, repairing our environmental impact sooner, rather than later.

JustBeSquareJustBe Botanicals 

Developed by holistic therapist Gail Bryden, JustBe Botanicals encourage us to tap into how we’d like to feel and ‘just be’ ourselves. Hand-blended in small batches in Scotland, their range includes all-natural skincare, multi-sensory spa treatments, herbal teas, aromatherapy chocolates, enriched soaps, and soy candles. Emotionally nourishing and packed full of therapeutic benefits, the products are so much more than their gorgeous scents.

Apart from being ethically and environmentally conscious, the entire JustBe Botanicals range is free from nuts and palm oil, replaced by coconut oil which renders the range suitable for all skin types and ages. Best-sellers include the intensely hydrating serum and deeply nourishing treatment oil that leaves skin visibly brighter, allowing you to experience ‘pretend sleep and clean living in a bottle’. Based on positive intent, the six signature aromatherapy blends have been created to balance the emotions and help you feel more consciously alive – JustBe Happy is the firm favourite, JustBe Pure is pregnancy-safe, and Detox, Energised, Active, and Tranquil play no smaller of a part throughout the day. And, last but definitely not least, JustBe Kind is the latest addition, with 20 percent of its proceeds directly supporting the Scottish Association for Mental Health. Rollerballs, too, are a great way to incorporate aromatherapy on the go – JustBe Botanicals have won several awards for their range, so however you’d like to feel, you’ll be glad to discover this self-care gem.


Founded in 2015, Hippie-Pants is a socially responsible e-commerce brand specialising in Thai yoga and meditation wear. Their range of shirts, bags, kimonos, and yoga pants, are designed and produced in Northern Thailand from single-origin vegan material. 

Hippie-Pants cut out the middlemen, operating under Fairtrade principles and working hard to reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chain. Transparency is a virtue – Hippie-Pants work directly with local rural communities to produce in small batches from locally-sourced bamboo rayon or pure woven cotton, with extra attention to detail. All of their buttons, for example, are made from wood rather than plastic. Finished articles are then sent to a central warehouse in Bangkok where they pass quality control and are sent directly to consumers. 

In addition, the brand takes part in carbon offsetting initiatives, regularly running campaigns in support of environmental causes, with a strong focus on Brazil, where they operate as Calça Thai. They actively collaborate with Brazilian NGOs like Eco Desenvolvimento, Site Sustentavel, and Apremavi, helping to support their work in the Amazon and the preservation of the atlantic rainforest.

Following initial success selling loose yoga pants as an alternative to leggings, Hippie-Pants have expanded into menswear and, as of recently, plus size fashion – hippie pants should be accessible to everyone, regardless, of age, gender or body type.

Agave Straw Bags 01.22.20 800x800Ninakuru

A California-based eco-luxe accessories brand, Ninakuru designs and produces collections of bespoke and ready-to-wear handmade Panama hats, hand-shaped felt hats, straw handbags, and accessories.

Jennifer Moray, the founder and designer, curates her collections for select high-end boutiques and a mindful, conscious clientele who appreciate skilled craftsmanship and the luxury it represents. Ninakuru’s aim is not only to provide beautiful, handmade accessories, but to preserve the livelihood of artisans who rely on their trade to support themselves and their families. Artisans’ talents have been handed down through the generations, yet many are abandoning their beloved craft and accepting jobs in the service sector, as demand for their goods decreases in favour of factory-made products – Ninakuru partners with talented individuals, increasing demand for their goods and paying living wages.

Ninakuru’s authentic Panama hats are handwoven by master artisans, sourcing sustainable and environmentally friendly toquilla straw, which is found in the equatorial rainforests of Ecuador. The art of weaving an authentic Panama hat is an art worthy of appreciation – in 2012, the hand weaving of Panama hats was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. The hats are then styled in the Ninakuru studio in Ojai, California, adorned with vintage grosgrain ribbons, turquoise, and other high quality finishes.

As opposed to using beaver pelts or rabbit fur, all Ninakuru felt hats are made from cruelty-free wool, ethically sourced and humanely harvested, adorned with custom and unique finishes and designs. Ninakuru agave bags, too, are handmade from locally sourced cabuya straw, dyed naturally with organic rainforest botanicals such as berries, seeds, and tree bark.

Translated from Quechua, the language of the Incan people, Ninakuru means ‘firefly’, a wonderfully fitting name for the company, representing that true beauty radiates from within, and each of us has an inner glow worthy of being noticed.