Monday 10 April 2017

The Mindful Kitchen

Written by Sublime Team

The Mindful Kitchen

Conservation through conversation! What better way to tackle climate change than to connect with nature and ultimately each other? And what better way to do that than to share a meal!

So what on earth does it mean to have a Mindful Kitchen?  The goal is to develop greater awareness of what you can see on your chopping board; the amazing diversity and complexity of everyday food - and greater connectedness to what you can’t see on the supermarket shelves; the people, plants, animals and natural resources that produce every bite of food. Being more thoughtful about food means developing a plan for how to eat your values every day.  

At The Mindful Kitchen that comes from activities and recipes that focus you on eating more foods that promote biodiversity, soil and water conservation, lower your carbon footprint and cut down on the amount you waste. Along the way, you’ll develop a plan for eating foods in tune with the seasons, focus on supporting local suppliers, and prioritise plants over animals. And most importantly, your gratitude for every bite will grow day by day. 

Heather Thomas and Marian Reed invited you in to their kitchen for a dose of inspiration. Find out more about preserving parties, cocktail classes and zero waste Sunday roast workshops. www.themindfulkitchen.org
Upcoming workshops:
Spring Fling Experiential Meal with Hoi Polloi, Sunday April 16, 2017, at Ace Hotel, Shoreditch, London, E1 6JQ. Tickets start at £50.00 per person and include a 1-hour workshop, bespoke Spring Fling cocktail, glass of wine, two course meal and you’ll leave with a zero waste preserve of your own making.

The dishes and drinks served at the workshop, and created by the chefs and bartenders of Hoi Polloi, will also be available on the restaurant menu for the duration of April.
Sustainable Living Weekend Retreat at Witherden's Hall, 2 Days to Kick Start A Greener Life, June 03, 2017. The workshop fee of £350 pounds is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation at Witherden's Hall as well as the two- day workshop during which you will produce a goodie bag full of pickles, preserves and beauty items that you have made along with your personalised Mindful Kitchen Sustainable Living Plan.


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