From Trash To Runway by Dan Pontarlier

Sustainability consultant Dan Pontarlier has been campaigning in the world of fashion for 15 years. Sublime delves deeper into his new book, the story behind it, and its potential for creating real change in the industry

A Sustainable Future for Everyone

What is the relationship between Design and Spirituality? Some might argue there is none, but when the environment is crashing around our ears and corporate executives are raking in multi-million-dollar salaries while their workers are struggling to survive, perhaps it’s time to re-consider areas of knowledge that have been omitted from design and design education since the 19th century

Connie Noble

Amidst the tragedies and challenges of the current global pandemic, it’s hard to imagine humanity facing any greater threat. Yet alongside everything we’re facing, the climate crisis is worsening every day, and, on its current trajectory, will vastly overshadow Covid-19 as the defining disaster of our generation – Connie Noble is a novel that brings this sharply into focus.


‘I have nothing to wear,’ you think, staring into an overflowing wardrobe. The devil on your shoulder, a trillion-dollar industry in disguise, tells you that the answer lies in a brand-new outfit.

Design Realities

Creativity, nature and the human spirit... Whether a creative, entrepreneur or educator, this great resource is sure to spark critical thinking and invigorate the sense of purpose for your work

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