The Fashion Continent

In the west, African Fashion has long been the victim of preconceived ideas. Reduced to obsolete images, it has struggled (and still struggles) to be respected. Disregarded by the mainstream media it’s chief representatives have rarely been given coverage. Above all, African fashion, when it is not invisible, remains incomprehensible for many.

It’s no longer Paris that’s putting couture on the map – but rather the African continent, bringing a range of diversity and creativity from the Sahara Desert of Morocco to the lushlands of South Africa. Africa: The Fashion Continent celebrates the beginning of a new era in the fashion industry, one of revitalised design and proud heritage.

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Through its stunning collection of over 300 photographs, this body of work showcases the boundary-breaking names of the industry who are turning heads, shutting down stereotypes and overturning past narratives through their craft. Flicking through its pages, the reader is immediately captivated by the bold colours and  innovative ideas – a testament to the continent’s inexhaustible beauty and cultural wealth.

“At a time when many talented African designers are gradually making their mark on an international scale, and as the spotlight shines more intensely on this “fashion continent,” I saw the need to provide some keys to understanding it, by allowing those who embody African fashion to have their say—or at least a few of them. This book is a tribute to them; it captures a moment in History, and presents a creative, engaged generation that is changing fashion as we know it.” Emmanuelle Courrèges.

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Showcasing visual artists from all spheres, this book features creations from the likes of Cameroonian couturier Imane Ayissi, Nigerian designer Bubu Ogisi (I.AM.ISIGO), Senegalese designer Selly Raby Kane, and 2019 LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers winner Thebe Magugu; as well as including South African Trevor Stuurma, Oliver Asike (Vitimbi and music and fashion festival founder), Moroccan photographer Joseph Ouechen (No Couscous), and Nigerian photographer Stephen Tayo.

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About the book author
Emmanuelle Courrèges spent the first two decades of her life in West Africa – in Cameroon, Senegal, and Ivory Coast. A reporter and specialist on social issues, she has written articles for numerous publications including Afrique Magazine, Marie-Claire, L’Express Styles and ELLE, for which she is a regular contributor. She is also the founder of LAGO54, the first platform entirely dedicated to promoting African fashion designers in France.

IMG 0250Africa: The Fashion Continent
By Emmanuelle Courrèges
Published by Flammarion | Hardback | 240 pages | 24 x 31 cm
300 illustrations | ISBN 9782081513419
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