Root of Rebirth

CHIMUK HANDKNIT is fighting its way towards gender equality, one stitch at a time. Sublime delves into the Peruvian brand’s first launch of woolen accessories, and how it has changed the lives of the women behind their creation. 

Sustainable Peruvian brand CHIMUK HANDKNIT has launched its first collection: Root of Rebirth. Inspired by recent archeological findings of the indigenous Chimu people, this amalgame of crocheted pieces represent a way to return to the artisans’ roots and reinterpret them in a fresh, modern approach. Made of Peruvian alpaca wool, one of the most sustainable textiles due to its durability and renewability, the collection is made up of knitted hats, scarves and shawls.

Founded in 2017 by Katie, an American Public Health expert, and Rosa, a Peruvian Nurse, the Hands on Peru foundation helps and enables mothers and women to have access to benefits such as health care, social and emotional care, physical and familial wellbeing support.


Built on the foundation of Hands on Peru and its Madre Cesapu programme, CHIMUK emerged as a result of 20 women of less fortunate backgrounds coming together and learning the intricate and impressive skill of crocheting and knitting. Through their shared learning experience, a way to fight for gender equality and empowerment was found: by creating and selling their pieces of work to friends and visitors.

Thus CHIMUK was born, a sustainable and ethical handmade knitwear/clothing brand that puts its women at the forefront, offering them an opportunity to grow and develop as independent, entrepreneurial artisans, all while continuing to build a strong sense of solidarity within the community.

The largest percentage of profits made through CHIMUK go directly to the women behind the creation of the items, ensuring financial independence and entrepreneurial opportunities for everyone involved. 


CHIMUK Combining the designs inspired by ancient Peruvian cultures and tribes, while offering women the opportunity to create in the now, in order to sustain and create a future – the past, present and future, all woven into one intricate and unique piece.

To shop the new collection, visit or to find out more about the Hands on Peru foundation visit 


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