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Fourteen inflatable concrete water tanks from Innovation RCA start-up Deploy have been donated to help the vulnerable communities in Turkey devastated by the recent earthquake.

The earthquake that struck southern Turkey in February flattened wide areas of cities and rural towns. Large numbers of buildings were destroyed or made unstable. The survivors of this natural disaster have been left in critical condition, without basic necessities such as food and shelter.

Deploy Tech is producing easy to deploy and ready-to-use concrete water storage tanks. The patent-pending technology was developed at the RCA in response to the many challenges of delivering water tank systems to remote and endangered locations across the world.

Beren Kayali (left) and Paul Mendieta (right)

Paul Mendieta and Beren Kayalı, the RCA MA/MSc Innovation Design Engineering graduates who founded Deploy, have travelled to Turkey to install the innovative tanks, and to train local Aid organisations to install others. Deploy tanks can be folded, packaged and shipped anywhere in the world – a feature never before seen in the sector.

Paul Mendieta commented on Deploy’s effort to support civilians in Turkey: 

Everything can change at any moment, suddenly and forever. In the case of the earthquake in Turkey, this is the reality that entire communities have had to face at once. Being in a position to help by providing essential drinking water and sanitation has been an empowering feeling that we are taking with responsibility and urgency. Deploy is proving that no matter how far, isolated and shattered these communities are, we can reach them and support them.

Following shipping, the water tank units can be rehydrated and are ready to use in 24 hours. Deploy Tech’s solution enables the rural sector to access an affordable and more sustainable water storage infrastructure that has been designed for easy transportation and maintenance.

The start-up company is currently backed by several institutions such as the Welsh government and has won many competitions, such as the Santander X Entrepreneurship Awards. Deploy has raised over £1 million since it was incorporated in June 2020.

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Donate towards the Earthquake CHOOSE LOVE Appeal:
To aid people affected, the team at Ocean Bottle just released a special edition Choose Love water bottle.
Buy a water bottle now, and £10 will go towards urgent support for those affected by the earthquakes and floods, such as medical supplies, shelter and hygiene items.



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