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Whether you need a backpack for work, a bum bag for your trips, or a yoga mat bag for your practices, you know that there is more to it than just buying a bag – you want to make a difference through your decisions and leave a legacy for a better future.

Bagmaya offers the bags you need for the sustainable lifestyle you want. They understand the feeling of frustration that comes with searching for comfortable, functional, and beautiful bags that are also made ethically, and they want to help you bridge the gap between fashion and sustainability. They believe you can look and feel great whilst having a positive impact on the world.

All their products are ethically handmade with sustainable hemp which, aside from using up to 40 percent less water than cotton, requires half of the land for producing the same amount of fabric. Bagmaya creates social impact in Nepal, too, as their bags are manufactured by people from disadvantaged communities who they empower by providing opportunities and life skills.

Bagmaya also strives to leave no trace on the environment, using only flower dyes, and plastic-free and 100 percent recyclable packaging. Shipping within the UK is not only free, but also carbon-neutral. On top of that, they donate 10 percent of all profits to Yuwa, a charity empowering young people in Nepal.

Use the code ‘SUBLIME10’ anytime this month for 10 percent off the full range, and let Bagmaya be part of your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

WildtreeTextWildtree Skincare 

Made from 100 percent natural, plant-based ingredients specifically chosen for their therapeutic benefits, Wildtree Skincare products are organic, vegan, and infused with superfoods. 

The Wildtree mission is to help you make a switch to organic skincare in a totally transparent way; the belief that a holistic, plant-based lifestyle is the key to optimal wellness is at the heart of their work.

By blending ingredients you know and trust like avocado, almond oil, or flax seeds with butters and clays, Wildtree Skincare have developed organic, vegan formulations that are easy to understand. When applied topically, these superfoods have fantastic cleansing and nourishing results, containing heaps of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are incredibly beneficial for your skin.

Wildtree Skincare do their absolute best to live in harmony with our planet by making conscious choices when sourcing ingredients and packaging. As they ship all orders in plastic-free materials, they have grown conscious of how much cardboard they use and have teamed up with One Tree Planted, so for every order you make, they donate money to plant a tree.⁠

Use the code ‘SUBLIME20’ to get 20 percent off your order in August.

4pcopyKatharine Hamnett

Launched in 1979 with a range of eclectic women’s designs, shortly followed by men’s in 1981, Katharine Hamnett’s iconic slogan t-shirts have contributed not only to significant political statements, but to shaping the world of fashion as we know it. Wham! wore ‘CHOOSE LIFE’ in one of their music videos, and Katharine wearing ‘58% DON’T WANT PERISHING’ to meet Margaret Thatcher made front page news around the world.

As the brand grew, sustainability and ethical production became of prime importance, shaking up expectations as Katherine lobbied the industry to act for change. Her research into the environmental and social impact of the clothing and textile industry horrified her as she discovered that the true cost of fashion was paid in environmental degradation and human suffering, and she campaigned directly on issues like the use of pesticides and the plight of cotton farmers.

Although Katherine badgered her licensees to reduce the environmental and social impact of her collections, it was a war before its time. She gradually wound down her brand, ripping up licenses until production methods could meet her environmental criteria, and focused on campaigning, political activism, and collaborating with charities. Today, sustainability is no longer a left-field notion – consumers are increasingly demanding it, and people are agitating for change in all areas. The world is catching up.

Shop the collection at for exclusive deals and seasonal sales.

2 1StudioCork

All it takes to find a natural alternative to leather is to open a bottle of wine. Cork bags and cork wallets can be as stunning and long-lasting as leather products, with bonus points for protecting the environment.

Cork is waterproof, stain and scratch-resistant, and easy to maintain, and can be sourced without causing damage to trees or the environment. StudioCork is proving that cork can be the new leather – their online store offers a wide range backpacks, clutch bags, bucket bags, handbags, and accessories like wallets, cardholders, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, all made from cork.

Bark removal from the cork oak is an eco-friendly process and doesn’t require cutting down any trees. Cork products not only make for a cool statement addition to one’s personal list of accessories, but also for meaningful gifts.

Based in Portugal, the largest cork producer and exporter worldwide, the StudioCork online store carries cork products that are designed to add a new style quotient to anyone’s lifestyle. StudioCork not only sources from premium manufacturers, but is the authorized reseller of Artipel cork.

Enjoy 20 percent and free shipping storewide with the code ‘sublime20’


85 percent of traditional dry cleaners use Perchloroethylene (PERC), a toxic and likely carcinogenic chemical, already banned in many parts of the US, France, and Denmark and known for being a strong pollutant for air, water, and soil, as well as irritating the skin. BLANC offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning, alongside tailoring and laundry services, delivering a better quality clean that is kinder to your skin, your clothes, and our planet.

Launching BLANC in 2013, Ludovic Blanc wanted to build a business that mattered, improving people’s health and the environment by ‘cleaning up’ an industry that was toxic and rather set in its old-fashioned ways. Still dedicated to pioneering sustainable initiatives, BLANC is the first company in the UK to use the Electrolux Liquid CO2 cleaning technology. Alongside wet cleaning, they also offer, working with Electrolux is one of the most environmentally-friendly ways of cleaning clothes in the world – it’s an all-natural process and doesn’t lead to any environmental contamination.

BLANC’s digitally-enabled approach to customer service makes it easy for customers to organise collection and delivery, and the company is proud to stock products from sustainable brands, use recycled kraft bags instead of plastic bags, and reuse hangers, suit covers, and laundry bags. BLANC is well on its way to transitioning to electric vans, too, and has also started to use a compostable alternative to the plastic poly rolls normally used to protect clothes post-cleaning.

Grab 10 percent off all tailoring and alteration services throughout August 

EthicallyTextOrigins of Beauty

Whether you are pampering yourself or someone you love, Origins of Beauty is the natural and ethical beauty and wellbeing retailer to opt for. An online boutique for the conscious consumer, Origins of Beauty stocks a wide range of organic, vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable beauty and cosmetic products that are made with people and planet in mind.

Through working with brands like Haoma, Ilāpothecary, Nicmac Beauty, Ethically Organic, Kypwell, The Konjac Sponge Company, and Join Handcrafted London, Origins of Beauty ensure that all products they retail are formulated with natural, organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and synthetics, housed in eco-conscious packaging.

Origins of Beauty are strong advocates of natural beauty and wellbeing using nature’s ingredients for those who value their health and the environment. In a conscious effort to ensure high quality products that actually work, Origins of Beauty only retail products from brands whose ethical values are in line with their own and that of their customers.

Shop their range of handpicked ‘Guilt Free Beauty and Wellbeing’ products and enjoy 20 percent off a minimum purchase of £45 with the code ‘SUBLIME20’.


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