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But to turn any vision into reality means finding people who understand what it is you are trying to achieve and can put it into practice. I have been incredibly lucky to find a chef, suppliers, and designers, who not only understand it, but have been able to exceed any expectations I had.

As we opened, like everyone else, we had to face up to a new reality with changing Covid restrictions and finally the Tier Four measures. It’s in my nature to adapt, and I’m so proud of my team for turning The Good Plot around to focus on takeaway and deli produce.

We want to be there to support the community in a tough period, so all of our efforts are focused on making people feel welcomed, comfortable and nourished, especially if they’re living apart from family and friends.

From the start, I have had an interior design team second to none, who have created an environment that both reflects the visual and ethical aspect I was going for. I hope that anyone who visits The Good Plot will agree that is both cosy and attractive, but also manages to play homage to the ones that really matter: the farmers and suppliers who make it all work.

TheGoodPlotSublimeMagazineMy suppliers themselves have been similarly supportive and their enthusiasm for high-quality produce has been a joy to work with. They are the reason I was determined to connect customers with the inspiring stories behind their food and show them the love and attention that has gone into what they are eating and drinking. While these are early days, I am constantly on the lookout for more local suppliers to add to this campaign.

TheGoodPlot SublimeMagazineThe key to turning this vision into action though has been my chef, Kate Allen, who grew up in Tuscany with a culture very similar to my own. When I heard of her story, I knew I had met a kindred spirit, with her experiences of home-grown food and sustainable farming in a culture that prizes quality ingredients above all else.

At the same time, knowing that she had worked with Theo Randall at the InterContinental, in Japanese cuisine at Zuma Rome, and Italian cuisine at Bocca di Lupo, I was sure that she would have the understanding and technical ability to turn my international food vision into practice.

Being able to cater to all tastes and requirements is very important to me. People increasingly care about where their food comes from and I want to be able to TGP.SublimeMagazineprovide them as many options as possible, including perhaps options they can’t find elsewhere. Whether its cauliflower and turmeric fritters with tofu mayo for the vegetarians, or grilled octopus, white bean velouté with chorizo salsa for the seafood lovers, The Good Plot has something for everyone.

We’re loving getting to know our lovely customers and I’m looking forward to getting to know my new neighbours better in the New Year.

This Christmas we launched our first charity partnership, with West London Action for Children, so that my customers can support the community when they collect their Christmas hampers. It’s such a wonderful community to have joined.

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