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Whether it’s your skincare routine, the clothes on your back or your evening commute, consumers and brands alike are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their behaviours. Sublime introduces twelve businesses that stand out in their journey to sustainability.

ananne Pic3 product SOLACIUMananné

The phrase ‘Swiss made’ is often associated with exclusivity and high quality. But in the world of cosmetics today, it must prove itself beyond outstanding efficacy tests. For premium natural cosmetics brand ananné, the aim is not only healthy skin, but the wellbeing of the entire body, the environment and nature, as well as mindful and sustainable production.

The name of the brand translates from Greek to ‘regeneration’ or ‘renewal’, perfectly fitting into to the school of medical healing which founder and holistic physician Prof. Dr. med. Urs Pohlman incorporates into ananné products. For him, the goal is to encourage the skin to regenerate itself, developing formulas that allow the body to draw from active ingredients without being overstimulated.

It’s these active, plant-derived ingredients that make up the ananné range. Among them are medicinal plants from all over the world, selected for their high immunological properties. They are the ingenious players of the brand and are used in various mixtures as oil concentrates, whether in SOLACIUM Fine Moleculare Repair Serum or NUTRICIUM Glow Lifting Serum. These are extracted using patented CO2 cold extraction, allowing them to retain gold standard quality with extreme bioavailability. This process also protects the environment, as it does not cause harmful emissions or water contamination, and reduces water consumption in application.

Ananné is true smart luxury: 100% natural, vegan, fairtrade, halal and plastic-free. The skincare range is available online and in selected perfumeries, pharmacies and spas.


zydermapic3 bZyderma®

Take a forward-thinking, eco-scientific approach to daily skin care. Rather than replacing the body’s natural mechanisms, Zyderma® products support and strengthen our skin’s biome – a veritable ‘pharmacy’ of microflora integral to maintaining healthy skin. This approach takes away our reliance on conventional products, harsh ingredients, and sanitizers that strip healthy organisms from our skin. It’s an approach that truly honours the skin’s natural cycles.

Our skin’s needs fluctuate throughout our lifetime. A number of factors influence these changes – age, the time of year, hormones, diet, and the environment. The process of finding the right skincare routine can be challenging at the best of times, but these daily rituals can also create an opportunity for a moment of relaxation and nourishment.

Start and finish your day by gently cleansing your skin with the refillable Gentle Foaming Cleanser or one of the nourishing, zero waste FAT9 complexion soaps. Don’t forget to exfoliate with the Konjac Facial Sponge with Tourmaline, which is 100% compostable, and top it off with Zyderma® ‘s hero product, the Clarifying Cream. The bottle is recyclable – by choosing Zyderma®, you opt for incredibly gentle and versatile products that don’t cost the Earth.

The Clarifying Cream is a real hero thanks to its unique combination of nurturing ingredients and micronized silver, which supports the skin’s healthy appearance while cleansing it of pollution and other environmental factors. It’s ideal for sensitive skin, offers up to 24 hours’ protection against bacteria, and its velvety smooth, imperceptible finish, makes for a fantastic makeup primer.


greenaporter pic4Green à Porter

The epitome of inexpensive luxury, empowering you to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle without compromising your sass, Green à Porter’s French-inspired bags ooze Parisian style. Their elegance is matched only by the brand’s minimalist t-shirt and hoodie collection, and each bag is designed to fit effortlessly into your wardrobe and to give back to the planet.

All Green à Porter bags are made using jute material. Jute bags are not only practical for shopping trips and lazy beach days – they’re completely recyclable and biodegradable, made with cost-effective natural vegetable fibre. Multifunctional, they’re ideal for shopping, lunch dates, beach outings, the gym, and anywhere in-between. Look and feel smarter for every occasion, and be kind to the Earth without cramping your style.

The same goes for Green à Porter t-shirts. Made from 100% organic cotton in a fairtrade factory, where workers’ rights are a priority from thread to packaged garment, they’re ideal for after-work cocktails or a casual day on the couch. They’re manufactured using renewable green energy from wind and solar power, too.

At Green à Porter, every purchase makes a difference. For each bag, t-shirt and hoodie sold, the brand donates £1 to Ethiopiaid, a non-profit organisation that works to break the cycle of poverty and turn underdogs into success stories.

Look good without hurting Mother Earth, with a collection (and packaging) that’s functional, beautiful and totally eco-friendly.



This brand aims to be the face of responsible beauty. From makeup and hair brushes to bath, spa and skincare products, So Eco products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, PETA-accredited and suitable for vegans.

So Eco’s mission to drive change within the beauty industry starts with makeup brushes made from recycled aluminium and bamboo and ends in cornstarch-based packaging. Their operations help to save huge amounts of energy and reduce the negative impacts of mining on the environment – they actively work to ensure that future generations will live in a world that hasn’t been polluted with plastic packaging and harmful ingredients.

As an official partner of Tree Nation, for every 100 products sold the brand plants a tree in various conservation projects around the world. In the last two years alone, So Eco has planted 104,012 trees offsetting 4390.51 t CO2. So Eco is always looking to expand its range to match consumer demand for innovative and environmentally-friendly products and, with this in mind, for each new sustainable gift set sold, a tree will be planted to encourage biodiversity and support local communities worldwide by combating deforestation.

The So Eco product range is available at Soinvogue, Look Fantastic, Beauty Bay, Urban Outfitters, and Asos.



‘Cultivate the Future’ is an innovative measure on social and environmental responsibility, highlighting a commitment to the needs of the community. Through reducing packaging materials, energy consumption, waste produced and CO2 emissions, Riso Gallo has become the first international brand in its sector to have undertaken the production of rice from sustainable agriculture, making their premium best-selling risotto rices – Gallo Risotto Tradition, Arborio, Carnaroli and Carnaroli Rustico – fully sustainable.

Their focus is on zero-kilometre sourcing, top quality raw materials and protection of the environment, people, and local community.  It stems from the collaboration with farms that guarantee full respect for workers’ rights – prices and rates of pay are agreed on before sowing, and all of Riso Gallo’s premium rice varieties are grown in Pavia, Italy, where skilful workmanship is combined with the best technologies to build a modern agricultural model in natural balance with the earth and its fertility. These farms are fully certified by the international Farm Sustainability Assessment.

Riso Gallo offers 100% Italian rice, 100% traceable throughout its supply chain, from sustainable cultivation to packaging, using only FSC certified cardboard and recyclable plastic.


JacksonandSeddonPic3Jackson & Seddon

Based in the UK, Jackson & Seddon offer award-winning, artisan, organic wine from independent producers in Italy.

While working with small-scale winemakers guarantees the love, passion and craftsmanship of the product, organic production not only supports a healthy, sustainable ecosystem and biodiversity but gives you less of a sore head the day after drinking. Many Jackson & Seddon wines are vegan, too, and you won’t find them anywhere else in the UK.

From a mind-changing Chardonnay to reds that can never be replicated, the stories of the bottles are as exquisite as the wines. And then there’s The Faithful Companion, a limited edition blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Sangiovese, made by the incredibly talented Gregorio from Il Civettaio, dedicated to the business’ namesake, Jackson, who sadly passed away in 2020.

The Faithful Companion is an easy drinking wine with great structure, soft and round with subtle cranberry and cherry notes. It’s aged for two years in 30HL oak barrels on a small farm in the rolling hills of Maremma, Southern Tuscany. And, in honour of Jackson, the company donates £1 from every bottle sold to the Royal Veterinary College, who are working tirelessly to find a cure for immune-mediated hemolytic anemia.

As well as selling wines from their online shop, Jackson & Seddon opens their customers’ eyes to the world of organic, artisan Italian wines with their Wine Club. The Club provides regular boxes of hand-picked reds, whites, rosés and fizz, all expertly crafted and delivered straight to your door, complemented by the setup of a virtual wine bar. A place for people to meet, chat and drink incredible organic wine – occasionally with the wine-makers themselves – it’s played a huge part in bringing back the post-lockdown sense of normality.


ReidCloseUp 1ReidiBikes

Freedom to move is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you cruise, commute or carve your way through the world – when life is experienced on two wheels and more, we become healthier, more mindful, more focused people. Established in Melbourne, Australia in 2009, Reid Bikes aim to inspire, motivate and empower you to get out of the car and onto your bike, scooter, or watersport and into the open world beyond.

Reid show the world that sustainable, economical and humane aren’t mutually exclusive with performance, beautiful design and the Reid Rider lifestyle. From vintage and commuter bikes to hoverboards and kayaks, they offer products across a range of prices, at incredibly competitive rates, across six continents and over twenty countries. And to sustain the environments in which we live and ride, a tree is planted for every bike, scooter and watersport product sold in partnership with the Eden Reforestation Project.

Reid don’t claim to be better; they claim to be different. When it comes to changing the world, we’re all in this together, because together, we can accomplish more.



Myth: Renting is just for occasions. Truth: While many brands focus on occasion wear, The Devout offers fashion rental for the everyday. A rental platform offering a monthly subscription of womens- and menswear, The Devout brings all the joy from receiving new clothes every month, without the guilt of harming the world.

Delivery boxes – made from recycled cardboard and water-based ink – will arrive at your door every month with five gorgeous items ready for you to look and feel amazing in. The costs of laundry, insurance and delivery are included in membership, and the freedom to enjoy luxury, sustainable brands at a fraction of the retail price is the fashion fans’ dream. You’ll save on storage space and create less clutter in your home, too, and The Devout strongly believes that consumers should be able to get the like-new feeling without contributing to the problem of waste and fast fashion.

Rent out the latest pieces from brands such as Whistles, & Other Stories, Selected Femme + more. Got a bottomless brunch coming up? Why not rent the stunning Whistles Amme Relaxed Jumpsuit as part of your monthly subscription? From workwear to staycations and weddings, you’ll find every occasion covered on The Devout.



Social entrepreneurship turned organic silk company Cocccon changed the way the world perceives fashion. Its unique business model has created abundant employment opportunities in rural parts of India and expanded sustainable fashion choices beyond organic cotton or hemp with high-quality silk.

Cocccon was founded in 2012 by Germany-based Indian fashion designer Chandra Prakash Jha. After spending a decade in the Indian and international fashion market, he redirected his attention to his native Jharkhand, where social and economic development seemed challenging. The establishment of Cocccon led it to becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of peace silk, a non-violent process of silk harvesting.

Today, Cocccon is a social responsibility platform where sustainable utilisation of manpower, ecology and natural resources is continuously carried out, landing the brand a German Sustainability Design Award in 2021. Their latest avantgarden collection, Purn Vritt, was inspired by the Indian philosophy of a lifecycle, German Bauhaus and Indigenous arts from Jharkhand.

The collection explores the conflict between circular ( jeevan chakra) and linear (jeevan Rekha) lifestyles. According to ancient Vedic literature, the soul (Atma) is eternal – it exists in all beings who are a part of the cycle of life and death. Humankind has warped the soul to become linear, to disregard its circular nature and cause immense damage to the ecology and biodiversity of mother earth. Time has come to follow the philosophy of circularity in our products and creations; to heal. This is what Cocccon stands for.


HomeJewelsHome Jewels Co

Since 2017, Home Jewels Co has grown from a small hobby to a fast-emerging luxury, eco-friendly and affordable home fragrance line. The independent, London-based brand has become well known for their wide range of unique, indulgent, and long-lasting soy candles and wax melts, created with soy wax, essential oils, and phthalate-free fragrance oils.

The creator of Home Jewels Co, Astyn Gould, often says that living sustainably is about the effort to make more conscious decisions. We don’t need a drastic and immediate shift, but a handful of people consciously trying to change the world around us. As a result, the brand has committed to eliminate the use of all single-use plastics in their packaging by 2022. This feat was achieved in just a month. Now they confidently boast that all packaging consists of sustainably sourced, recyclable, and biodegradable materials, including that of their new Wax Melt Starter Kits, which contain a carefully chosen selection of scented soy wax melt snap bars, soy tea lights and a ceramic wax warmer.

Indulge the senses as you explore the wide range of hand-poured, vegan, cruelty-free soy candles and wax melts. Use code ‘SUBLIMEMELT’ at checkout to redeem 15% off all wax melts in June and give your home a long-lasting clean feeling and great scent.


femmeforte product3femme forte

Zoë Schulz’s frustration at the fast fashion industry’s continued disregard for the environment and lack of inclusivity led to the creation of femme forte, a sustainable and ethical fashion brand. They exist to offer a kind fashion option, which is why everything they make is 100% cruelty-free, sweatshop-free and does not hurt our planet.

At first, the brand hoped to raise money to help create a London LGBTQ+ Community Centre, a project close to Zoë’s heart, and to educate people on sustainability and slow fashion. Since then, it’s grown to several collections and delivered all around the world, but community has remained central to what they do, with each collection raising money for a different cause, whether supporting trans young people with Mermaids, period poverty with Bloody Good Period or LGBTQ+ homeless youth with akt.

Every femme forte item is vegan, its supply chain fully transparent. On top of this, all items are gender-neutral, and the brand strives for inclusive sizes. Designs are printed using vegan inks that are free from toxic chemicals and the clothing is made ethically, by people who are treated well and paid fairly.

femme forte has also grown to be a platform that uplifts and educates their community. From discussing anti-racism to LGBTQ+ rights, they want to learn with their audience about how we can all lead with kindness to create a better society. Through this, they hope to uplift marginalised communities and create space for important voices and stories.

With a range varying from streetwear to prints, tote bags and much more, femme forte is an amalgamation of fashion, community and activism. It’s a place where inclusivity and sustainability are not a marketing ploy, but ingrained in everything they do.


allplasticfreePic1All Plastic Free

The issue of plastic waste and production is ever-increasing. It can take hundreds of years for plastic to break down, all the while releasing microplastics into the environment. Recycling your plastic shampoo and shower gel bottles is a good start, but unfortunately only a small percentage of recycled plastic actually ends up as a recycled product.

The best solution is just to swap the plastic for something more sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly. You can make your day-to-day bathroom routine completely plastic free with simple swaps, and All Plastic Free makes it incredibly easy.

The company is guided by a no-nonsense approach to plastic-free living. If it’s plastic-free, fits in with your daily bathroom routine and, most importantly, does its job, then they will stock it, and at great value too. No more empty shampoo, conditioner or shower gel plastic bottles; no more plastic toothbrushes or empty toothpaste tubes; no more disposable plastic razors or cartridges.

Giving up plastic in the bathroom is an easy way to start your plastic-free journey. All Plastic Free customers can also benefit from subscriptions to products they’re likely to replace often, like razor blades or soap bars, and take advantage of subscription discounts.



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