Twelve Minutes of Love

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Twelve Minutes of Love takes us by the hand into the very depths of a sensual, relational world where the atmosphere, the sounds and the touch involved in tango captivate us. No escapist leisure pursuit, this: by exposing the darkness within, tango takes the dancer to a place where the true, primitive drama of life pulsates through the veins. 

‘Elegant, dangerous and instrumental’, tango encounters from across the world are poetically journalled by Kassabova, whose journey of the dance has taken her all over the planet. Transcending the dance itself, meaning comes from discovering oneself as in the dance troubles are expressed, dreams are realised, purposes fulfilled, relationships made.

Poet and travel writer, Kassabova writes her reflections, observations and experiences in vivid, sense-enlivening prose, evoking a rich picture of life’s colours and textures. From its African roots to its sequined stars and back, from Auckland to Edinburgh, Berlin to Buenos Aires, Kassabova chases ecstasy on the dance floor, tango-style. She is hooked and, reading this, you may very well be, too. 

Twelve Minutes of Love by Kapka Kassabova (Portobello) £18.99 

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