Women’s Day

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Women's Day

Wednesday 6 February 2019

Women’s Day

Written by Daisy-Mae Bray

One in seven girls in the UK have struggled to afford sanitary pads, according to a recent ‘Plan International’ report. Tina Charisma’s new initiative aims to tackle the issue, and promote more sustainable alternatives like cloth pads.

The campaign has resulted in a sanitary cloth line set up to help raise money to help reach over 20,000 girls in both the UK and in West Africa to gain access to sustainable period products that are reusable, and that don’t just address the issues temporarily but help in finding long-term solutions. Funds raised would help produce more cloth sanitary products that are affordable and accessible to girls who need it.

Tina is the founder of ‘Charisma Campaign’ – supporting and empowering go eco periodcommunities in the UK and around the world. The campaign is part of her initiative to encourage education and awareness around sustainable alternatives to sanitary pads which offer affordability and more eco- friendly solutions to our current global period poverty.

According to Tina, “We have identified that here in the UK and many parts of the world there are many women who live in the unfortunate circumstance of not even having access to basic necessities during that ‘time of the month’, and, despite there being many campaigns to address the issue, we still shy away from sustainable solutions and educating young women about available alternatives that offer even better support”.

“It really isn’t about lifestyle politics and being able to offer tempory solutions, instead, we really need to challenge ourselves to think long term!”

The campaign has already launched in the UK, supporting many girls whilst also helping young girls in many parts of West of Africa including Ghana. The charity collects cloth sanitary products as well as sustainable educational resources, whilst delivering workshops and programs to help inspire and promote education to help keep young people in school, especially young girls.

Tina is a former Miss Universe GB finalist and ‘beauty queen’ that has used her passion to fight for issues around the rights of women and International development. Her workshops take the ‘He For She’ approach and include males as she believes in the importance of also educating men to be more aware of issues that women face. This campaign is to reach thousands of individuals to have more access to education, she is also hosting an International Womens Day event in the heart of Brixton, London on the 5th March 2019 to celebrate and empower women.




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