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In 2016, for the third time, The Observer/Nesta award celebrates a group of change-makers offering us a glimpse of a different, better society.

The select a list of people, campaigns and organisations with the potential to transform the lives of millions of people. Their work spans fields as diverse as hospitality, engineering, healthcare, music, international development, technology, retail and politics. The list, which includes representation from across the UK, was compiled from hundreds of entries and nominations, narrowed down by an impressive panel of judges. Trends on this year’s list include responses to the migration and refugee crisis, innovations in political engagement and the use of technology to improve disabled access to public spaces.

Since launching New Radicals in 2012, the award’s intention is to promote projects which, if scaled, could transform the lives of millions of people, and offer us a glimpse of a different kind of society. Nesta’s Chief Executive, Geoff Mulgan, comments on this year’s New Radicals:

All 50 of our 2016 New Radicals embody a great British shared tradition of compassion and verve, bloody-mindedness and practicality.

‘The people on this list are not the richest or the most famous, but they are likely to leave a positive mark on the world around them, and they can inspire us to do more in our own lives to be the change we want to see in the world,’ he adds.

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