Linden Leaves

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Linden Leaves was founded 15 years ago by entrepreneur Brigit Blair in Christchurch, New Zealand. With a philosophy to create products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul, the company provides a range of natural, effective ways in which to care for body and mind.

So successful was she in her vision, Blair was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit in April 2010 in recognition of her services to business. She has won numerous awards for her innovations in skin care, and now the recently launched website will enable the company to bring her affordable luxury to a much wider audience.

Using natural ingredients, and making the most of the vast array of botanicals that New Zealand has to offer, Blair bases the 200-strong product range on a passion for quality processes and well-blended aromatics. The Aromatherapy Synergy range provides four sets of products, all specifically tailored for different moods, based on their scents and ingredients.

Using essential oils, plant-derived exfoliants, natural moisturisers and fruit-flavoured fragrances, Linden Leaves is unique in its drive for guarding and protecting the New Zealand environment. In order to further the sustainability of the range, many of the products are handmade, with the body oils containing hand-harvested natural botanicals.
Linden Leaves products are available internationally.


Creative Direction: Damian Santamaria
Photography: Charl Marais
Styling: Io Takemura
Hair and Make-up: Bianca Hartkopf
Model: Nati @ Select


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