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New groundbreaking course for teenagers-The Game of Life: Learn to Win – to develop vital tools in their lives.

Sarah Gray interviews Bhaskarji, an acclaimed exponent of the Vedanta philosophy from the Vedanta Institute in London

Sublime: What are the challenges facing teenagers today?

Bhaskarji: A teenager has to deal with various pressures both internally and externally. At this age desires blossom. For the first time in their lives, teenagers have to deal with these desires which are pushing and pulling them in different directions. To make matters worse today’s technological advancements provide an instant gratification to their desires. Without any direction or guidance, they try and fulfil their desires through channels which ultimately prove detrimental to them.

Schools and universities rarely teach young adults on desire management and personality development. Furthermore parents, teachers, and the school management themselves don’t always set the right examples. As a result, teenagers are left rudderless. There is an acute lack of direction that leads teenagers to mental health issues such as stress, panic attacks, self-harm, loneliness, and even suicidal thoughts.

S: How can we help teenagers?

B: Educational institutions provide intelligence on various subjects, which eventually help the teenagers to have a career and make a living. However, they do not teach individuals how to face life’s challenges. As a result, even the well-educated in the society struggle to manage their finances, enjoyments, and relationships. Sadly debt, divorce and depression are all too common in the society today.

The ancient philosophy of Vedanta focuses on developing an intellect to achieve concentration, cheer, and clarity of thinking. Vedanta is the science of self-management that improves the quality of an individual’s life. It ensures success at work, harmony in relationships and better parenting. This knowledge must be introduced in schools and universities so that teenagers are taught both intellect and intelligence together. Vedanta and Science must be brought together to ensure overall success in a person’s life. Vedanta helps the teenagers to combine success and stress-free living.

S: What is the ‘Game of Life: Learn to Win’ course?

B: Game of Life: Learn to Win is a new online 4-week Vedanta introductory course conducted by an acclaimed philosopher based in the UK, Bhaskarji. It starts on February 26th 2023. It is a dynamic course designed for teenagers where they learn vital tools on how to deal with life issues in their formative years. It is ideal for them as it makes them reflect on themselves and the world around them. There are no dos and don’ts. But a clear explanation on the facts of life and the consequence of choices.

S: How would teenagers benefit from it? What do they get out it?

B: The Game of Life course is designed to help teenagers and young adults achieve the following:
better concentration levels, success in exams, clarity of thinking, harmony with parents, and values for self-development.

S: Why do teenagers enjoy it?

B: Teenagers enjoy the course as they are not told what to do. They are provided with knowledge based on reason so that they can think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. They are given opportunities to question the principles. Bhaskarji would be explaining four topics in the 4-week course which include How to Overcome Challenges, Decode the Mind, Art of Goal-Setting and Purpose of Religion. Furthermore, course questions will be given to them after every session which would help them reflect and understand the knowledge so that they can practically apply it in their own lives.

Feedback from course participants:

I found the course very useful for my daily life especially at school. I particularly liked Bhaskarji’s approach – very practical and he used a lot of current and familiar examples to help us. I have signed up again for this year’s course.”

S: What is the most common feedback from the parents?

B: Parents are overjoyed at this course as it helps to educate the children on the right values of life. Teenagers become more self-sufficient after learning the knowledge of Vedanta and as a result it takes the pressure off parents. There is better harmony and understanding between parents and their teenagers. When they see their children more confident and happier, parents would naturally feel good that they have fulfilled their role satisfactorily.

Feedback from one the parents who also started attending courses after seeing the benefit it had on her son:

Vedanta changed the way I view my life, actions, and surroundings on multiple beneficial levels. It has introduced clarity to our daily lives, which has helped both my children and myself enormously. My son has attended classes and it is wonderful to see the positive impact it has on him.”

Conducted by Bhaskarji, from 26 February – 19 March 2023, Sundays, 5.00pm – 6.00pm Find out more and register your place

This course is brought to you by: Vedanta Institute London, Registered Charity in the UK,  Charity No. 1102168

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