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Sublime: What’s the story behind Inlight Beauty?

Inlight Beauty: Inlight was born from the need of skincare which could work on different levels – not only to promote beauty and wellness on the skin, but work with it, based on the holistic principle that ‘the inside is like the outside’. Dr Spiezia, our brand co-founder and artful formulator, brings medical orthodox expertise and passion for the natural world together, creating something truly unique. We strive to create harmony in everything we do. Our aim is to reveal and encourage the natural beauty and inner light in each and every one of us through healthy, radiant skin. We only use the best, sustainably-sourced, 100 percent organic ingredients for our artisanal products. We believe that what we put on our skin is just as important as what goes in our bodies, both to sustain our own wellbeing and the planet we live on. 

Everything we think, say, do, and use will have a consequence. An organic lifestyle is the way forward for a healthy and mindful future, as nature intended in the first place.

Dr Spiezia Inlight infusion 2S: What’s the importance of choosing cruelty-free, organic products?

IB: Everything we think, say, do, and use will have a consequence. an organic lifestyle is the way forward for a healthy and mindful future, as nature intended in the first place. Organic means working with nature respecting animal welfare and being more environmentally sustainable. By choosing organic, we are choosing to put less chemicals and synthetics into our lives. Cruelty-free should be the norm – we only test on willing humans, because no animal should have to suffer for our pleasure.

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S: What advice would you give individuals wanting to switch to natural cosmetics?

IB: Start with one product, otherwise it can be overwhelming. Both the texture and feel of natural and organic skincare products can be very different to ‘non’ ones, especially the differences between oil-based and water-based. It will take a few applications for your skin to recognise it and enjoy the difference. Your brain has logged and stored your habits, so give it a chance for a couple of weeks. There is so much choice out there now that it’s a lot easier to do your research and make the switch. Before choosing the best product for you, read other customers’ reviews – you can learn a lot from their personal experience, but also look at the brand roots, the ethos, and values to tune in with the people who make the products you are going to use. Look at which certifications the brand carries for extra peace of mind and trust.

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S: Could you tell us more about your Cosmos accreditation and what it means for the world of beauty products?

IB: Cosmos Organic is currently the most recognised accreditation in the EU, awarded to brands that adhere to strict guidelines and maintain the best possible standards in the beauty industry. From where the ingredients are sourced to the way the production process is maintained and how waste is disposed, checks are carried out every year. Cosmos Organic accreditation is, for us, like a flag of excellence that guarantees we can deliver safe products that do what they say. For our customers, this seal of approval strengthens trust and confidence in each ingredient. Inlight was the first to receive a full Cosmos Organic certification on all of our skincare, as one of very few brands, something we are very proud of!

S: Do you feel natural beauty has the power to gain more tract in a market dominated by artificial products?

IB: Yes, definitely. Although there’s still a lot of work to do to make natural and sustainable beauty the first choice, mindful consumers are on the rise. People want to know where their products come from, shocked when they learn about the amount of chemicals they have been putting on their skin, their provenance, and potential side effects. There is no need for artificial ingredients; nature has so much to offer if understood and used well. Natural beauty will lead the future industry. 

Inlight Lifestyle 8S: And last but not least, what products would you recommend for someone new to natural skincare?

IB: The very essence of beauty stems from a clean fresh skin, so I would start with Face Cleanser to cleanse away impurities, followed by a Floral Tonic to brighten up and refresh – a perfect daily treatment to make the skin ready to absorb the right nutrients from our most-coveted moisturisers. Our potent Face Oil nourishes the skin with phyto-extracts, paired with exquisite notes of vanilla and rose.


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