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There was a time in not-so distant-history when women were not welcome in the cycling community. Can you imagine such a story being the inspiration behind the launch of a skincare brand? We spoke to  Bikeface to find out more about this new company

Sublime: What is the inspiration behind Bikeface?
Our brand celebrates freedom and adventure and takes its inspiration from the early sporting pioneers, and a love of the great outdoors. In this spirit, we keep a blog about early women’s cyclist Billy Samuels who cycled across Australia.

BillieSamuelsBWThe name came about after I read an article from the 19th century, in which doctors were trying to put women off cycling by suggesting that too much cycling could cause a condition they called ‘bicycle face’. We think of it as a cheeky homage. We create skincare which keeps up with busy people and an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Frequent showering and damage from the elements can both wreak havoc with your skincare regime, but Bikeface solves this problem with its high performance formulation. 

S: What sets your product apart from the rest?
B: Our emphasis is on authenticity and a fitness-centric lifestyle. All our ingredients are chosen for their beneficial properties, handy for a life on the go. They include the likes of hazelnut oil and cherry kernel oil, and are organic, all-natural and 100% vegan. News just in is that we are now proudly registered with the Vegan Society. This is a very important milestone for the brand and we are delighted to be displaying the Vegan Society logo.

S: You primarily approach sport enthusiasts. Tell us why they should choose Bikeface?
B: We wanted to create something truly unique – aimed at active lifestyles. Bikeface isn’t just for the sporty among us, though – it’s suitable for anyone requiring a boost of hydration with all-natural, ingredients. 

S: Is your product a face moisturising balm?
B: The balm is remarkably multi-purpose. It’s very travel-friendly, and great as a pre or post-workout moisturiser, protecting and rejuvenating skin.  The balm can be used on the face and body, and is particularly great for soothing your hands and feet after a busy day. In fact, it’s so multi-purpose that it even works to smooth hair! 

S: What is the power of the key ingredients in your balm?
B: Our super ingredients are protective Arctic Oat extract and amaranth seed oil, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, alongside anti-oxidant rich cherry kernel oil and naturally-hydrating organic hazelnut oil. In addition, Bikeface has a wonderfully long-lasting formula, so a little really go a very long way!

S: How can Bikeface change the skincare routine?
Bikeface has the power to truly transform the way our customers think about skincare, offering a legitimate alternative to chemical-infused creams, balms and lotions, and providing all the hydration and soothing properties you need in one ultra-portable product.


S: Are you planning on expanding your range?
B:: We have lots of new products in the pipeline! Lip balm, body wash and a handy, on-the-go perfume roll are all in the works.

S: Shall we expect to see Bikeface products on the store shelves?
Absolutely! We launched in July 2017, but we were shortlisted for the ‘Free From’ Skincare Awards immediately. It won’t be long before we make our way to an independent retailer near you…

S: What are you most proud of?
This is a family business, a mother and daughter both passionate about fitness and an active lifestyle with a love of all things natural.  We are proud to have launched the first products in the Bikeface brand, providing something fresh and new for an audience who are tired of the same-old beauty products with the same-old ingredients. We offer something new – an effective, guilt-free product designed to help support a busy, active lifestyle.


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