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From vegan skincare to energy-saving homeware, Sublime introduces five Good Brand Award winners that make for an exceptional, sustainable summer.

KearNatural ProductPic2Kear

Award-winning Greek skincare brand Kear (κέᾰρ®) was founded in 2018 on the principle of ‘less is more’. Their ethos and product range draws on the elegance, wisdom and classical minimalism of the ancient Greeks, blending some of the earliest beauty secrets with modern, non-invasive, efficacious skincare products which are both natural and functional.

With its name meaning ‘heart’ in ancient Greek but pronounced ‘care’ in English, the brand incorporates the love for the country’s history into conscientious, premium, natural, cruelty-free and locally-made products that respect skin health and restore its beauty. The objective is to transfer all that defines Greece into an eco-friendly product line; the rays of the life-giving sun, the saltiness of the sea, and the flow of pure energy from nature. To achieve this, Kear use humble but powerful herbs and essential oils to create a range that follows both ancient Greek cosmetic traditions and strict EU regulations.

Due to their waterless, super-concentrated texture, Kear products present the best combination of value and durability – the smallest amount allows the skin to absorb the beneficial elements of the ingredients, reducing waste. Products are also incredibly versatile, which means you can use just one for a variety of purposes, from head to toe.

The Kear range is suitable for all ages, genders and skin types and is broken down into easy-to-navigate categories. The brand offers face and body balms, body oils, plant-based soaps, natural lip balms, and exclusive ‘weKear’ gift sets. All the packaging is also sustainably produced and fully recyclable.


Beauty, it’s said, attracts the eye, but when it comes to getting your floor in pristine condition, it’s ease of cleaning and eco-efficiency that captures the heart. The HIZERO F803 delivers on both with revolutionary technology: using polymer cleaning rollers to trap spills, dirt, dust, and allergens.

Newly launched in the UK, the floor cleaner from fast-growing homecare brand HIZERO offers a bold, cordless design. ‘We‘ve engineered the F803 to stand out from outdated, noisy, dust-spreading vacuum power,’ says CEO Sam Li. Instead, it harnesses bionic-inspired technology to make hard floor cleaning more efficient and less onerous.

The HIZERO F803 speedily removes sticky spaghetti, gravy-soaked meatballs, and even cat hairballs from any hard flooring, from marble to hardwood and laminate. What’s collected by the rollers is separated into compartments built into the sweeping body. In addition, the 2021 USA Edison Award winner excels on the environment front with super-efficient energy usage, whisper-quiet performance, and by cutting the risk of house dust and allergens being resuspended.

NasusPicsq1Nasus Hair

Having spent three decades within the hair industry as an assessor, trainer, and educator, Sue Thorley decided she wanted to get back to what she loved most – making clients happy.

She opened her own salon, and Nasus Hair set out to fill a niche in the market: truly bespoke hairdressing. Thorley wanted to create a tranquil space where clients could feel truly pampered, able to talk without being overheard and where she could fully focus on giving them the one-to-one time they really deserved.

Fast forward two years and Thorley has gone a step further. Unhappy with the response from the industry ‘big boys’ and feeling there were no products out there that really met her stringent requirements, she launched a luxurious range of organic, cruelty-free, vegan products. Replicating the bespoke approach of her salon, all the products in the range are mix-and-match and can be chosen depending on hair condition and texture and, because of Thorley’s passion for sustainability and natural ingredients, they are all completely chemical-free and chosen for their healing properties.

For example, the Aromatic Mint Hair Cleanser contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agents that soothe redness and itching and reduce flaking. A combination of peppermint and menthol have natural cleansing and medicinal properties which hydrate the hair and scalp, leaving them fresh and revitalised. The Amplifying Conditioning Balm, meanwhile, is an extremely lightweight detangler that provides instant results and boosts volume thanks to argan, olive, avocado and almond oils mixed with a hydrolysed rice protein. The ‘Me Time’ Restoration Masque is formulated to replenish undernourished, thirsty hair. Containing hydrolysed quinoa and argan oil, the treatment restores shine and a healthy appearance to even the most brittle of hair.

100% vegan and purely organic, Nasus Hair products are free from sulfates, parabens, ethoxylates, paragons, propylene glycol, petrochemical cleansers, phthalates, DEA, and artificial colours.

hydrea london body text photoHydréa London

This brand has been leading the way in creating consciously crafted, ethically and sustainably-sourced, natural bath and bodycare products since it was founded by The Natural Sea Sponge Company in 1996.

Responsible sourcing, fairness and being mindful to the environment are fundamental to Hydréa London. They are devoted to using high quality, sustainably sourced, natural materials – their beechwood products are FSC® Certified, their raw materials carefully harvested with minimal disturbance to their natural habitat with a focus on regeneration. They offer a large vegan range and none of their products or ingredients are tested on animals.

With over 25 years of experience in designing and developing bodycare products, Hydréa London’s expertise and exceptional attention to detail has helped to create a unique collection of innovative, natural products that ensure maximum efficacy for spa-worthy results. From Organic Egyptian Loofah Mitts and Beechwood Body Brushes to Carbonized Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves, Sisal Body Mitts and Olive Wood Hairbrushes, their diverse range is created with the intention of elevating your bodycare rituals, so you can enjoy performing restorative spa treatments in the comfort of your own home.

The Hydréa London product collection is available online as well as in retailers such as Fenwick, Liberty London, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic, Ocado and Planet Organic.


Creating natural plant-based skincare and self-care treatments on the coast of Cornwall, Serenna uses organically-grown CBD and purposeful botanicals in cruelty-free products that are scientifically formulated to help you feel great inside and out, naturally.

Their skincare range includes The Uplifter Phyto Treatment, Night Boost Moisturiser and Candescence Face Serum, which help you gain a youthful, healthy glow. Combining botanicals, CBD, and hyaluronic acid, they target the main signs of aging to revive your skin and leave it looking beautifully smooth. The CBD oils are created using advanced C02 critical extraction, meaning they are free from pesticides and contain a broad range of beneficial terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, and minerals.

Serenna is committed to supporting women to do more of what they love, creating products that are in balance with nature and being transparent about how they work. They prioritise working with female founders, use exclusively natural, vegan ingredients and conduct triple lab tests on all their CBD products. They also donate 5% of their profits to The Circle, an NGO who support women’s rights projects around the world.

Serenna’s award-winning products are shipped in beautiful, recyclable packaging that provides an incredible unboxing experience. By making the perfect gift – for yourself or someone else – the brand is committed to making the consumer feel special through stunning packaging, products that really work and feel great to use.

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