Friday 16 December 2016

Handwork & Heritage: A Revival

Written by Sublime Team

Handwork & Heritage: A Revival

A growing desire for products with provenance, traceable garments and materials with individuality is fueling a revival of handwork and traditional processes in textiles around the world

A new report publish by the Ethical Fashion Forum looks at the revival of artisan-made, handmade, and heritage fabrics in the fashion industry, including a showcase of suppliers of these fabrics.

Could an ancient craft like weaving be helping to erode the dominance of mass-produced goods?

This report covers:

  • India’s Textile Heritage
  • Bangladesh, Tibet and Ecuador
  • Heritage Skills, Processes and Machinery
  • Handwoven Denim
  • Suppliers of Heritage & Handwoven Fabrics

The report covers handmade and heritage fabrics from India, to Bangladesh, to the UK and more. Download here.




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