Thursday 5 April 2018

What’s Going On? A discourse on Fashion, Design and Sustainability

Written by Sublime Team

What’s Going On? A discourse on Fashion, Design and Sustainability

The call for participation at the Global Fashion Conference 2018 is now open. Submit your contributions abstracts by 22nd April

We humans have always fashioned protection and adornment for our bodies from the world around us. Beyond this, the activities and artefacts of fashion act as a barometer of our lives and lifestyles.

This year, the Global Fashion Conference will be hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, and it will take place 31st October-1st November at the London College of Fashion. Under the theme What’s Going On? The conference will explore fashion in relation to climate change to social inequality, and convivial communities to a new engagement with the natural world. The first conference to exclusively focus on this area, is calling for participants to explore the dynamics, challenges and propositions of fashion and sustainability through the lens of design thinking and practice, and its impact on fashion business and ultimately on the quality of life of the human being.

A diverse range of submissions that address design and sustainability in the context of fashion and its systems is expected, as participants are encouraged to take the conference theme in the broadest of terms. The call is open to scholars, educators, industry and creative practitioners, NGOs, think-tanks, provocateurs, policymakers and others, in order to represent a multiplicity of voices and perspectives, including those from the Global South, those within, between and of no traditional disciplinary tribes and from all types of research experience.

The agendas of the conferences are: Power, Nature, Culture, Society, but contributions that are not bound to these themes are equally welcome. They just must be original work in the form of long and short papers, interactive sessions, special sessions, photography, film, performance proposals, or special sessions that can be accommodated within the space and time of the conference.

As a first step, abstracts (250-400 words long) should be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 22nd April 2018. Once the abstract is accepted, a full paper submission is due by 15th September 2018. 

Find more information and keep updated via the conference website


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