13 September 2018

Weaving Creative Ecologies Around the Arctic Circle

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A new centre dedicated to culture and sustainability in the north of Sweden promises to be an innovative meeting place where meaningful change can happen

Set within spectacular landscapes of forest and lakes, Northern Sustainable Futures (NSF) opens its doors in the small village of Moskosel, Sweden. The initiative proposes to shape a framework to affect change in practical and effective ways, engaging the local and international community with the complexities and challenges posed when paving a sustainable future.

NSF will operate across three different sites, Moskosel 3:52 in the village of Moskosel, Lomtrask108 in a small inland peninsula 15km away and Kläppteatern, the oldest amateur theatre venue in the region of Norrbotten.

Its main hub, Moskosel 3:52 will offer working studios for artists and creative practitioners, accommodation, art gallery, restaurant and production kitchen. A section of the 2700sq meter building will be reserved to offer space and opportunities for local entrepreneurs and community lead businesses.

NSF Moskosel lake

The former football ground at the school building will be transformed into an organic food production site, supplying the restaurant and community with a vegetable box scheme. The sports hall will be shaped into a multipurpose space where dance and music events, seminars and conferences can take place.

An art residency and cultural program will be launched next year. The underlying intention is to activate dialogue and deepen understanding of the various ecological and socio-political realities impacting the region, addressing issues that are embedded within the territory, how it is shaped locally and is, in turn, shaped by global trends. In essence, looking at ecology as an intricate and wide framework of reference and relations on how culture can activate change.

NSF’s cultural program will trigger collaborative interventions situated in the local and global context through a diversity of design and art practices and other disciplines. Aware of the interrelatedness that culture has in sustainable process of development, the underlying narrative will depart from this notion.

“Old concepts and classic approaches need to be rethought and adapted to new realities. Everyone should consider their personal responsibility and reflect upon and/or contribute to the present challenges.”

This reflections led Gonçalo Marques and Linda Remahl to activate the initiative four years ago.

“Our response to these challenges has materialised in the creation and development of a multifaceted project in a remote region with immense potential.”

Northern Sustainable Future is an ambitious project fostering collaborative partnerships in order to attain its long-term vision and goals. It is only through cooperation and the celebration of our humanness – culture – that a sustainable future will become a reality.


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