Thursday 21 October 2021

wAteR-climaTe Festival

Written by David Buckland

wAteR-climaTe Festival

Timed to coincide with COP26, Cape Farewell, in partnership with Lighthouse, presents the wAteR-climaTe festival, taking place from the 3rd-10th November.

After two years of Covid uncertainty and estrangement across the globe, I am delighted to say that Cape Farewell is - very thankfully – in robust health. Cape Farewell has partnered with Lighthouse, Pooles centre for the arts, to bring you the wAteR-climaTe festival. Being able to gather together to experience art is more valuable and life-affirming than ever. Timed to coincide with the latest COP26 conference, the festival opens its doors to the public from the 3rd November 2021.

What’s on?

The centrepiece for the festival is the compelling new RiverRun exhibition (open until the 4th December)- the culmination of two years of artists' work interrogating the River Frome in Dorset, visioning how its salmon are stressed, what threatens this precious chalk river, how farm/food production has to be super-mindful, and the impact of climate change.

The festival program continues with For Earth's Sake, a live performance by Anna Frijstein and Helen Moore. In the performance, Artist Frijstein leads you on an imaginative journey of suffering salmon mothers and their eggs. Simultaneously, eco-poet Moore shares her latest work: Dorset Waterbodies, a Common / Weal, researched and written with Arts Council England funding as part of Cape Farewell’s RiverRun project, exploring impacts of pollution and climate on the watershed draining into Poole Harbour.

Helen Moore will also be running a free two-day creative writing workshop during the festival, as well as a Wild Writing Performance on the 10th November, where she is joined with local writers. Come and hear what local writers have to say about the pressure on vital freshwater resources in our backyard; it promises to be a fascinating evening.

For an evening of poetry, music and comedy, brought to you by writers in residence, presents SIRENS. Taking place on the 5th November, these exceptional artists explore their own creative perspectives on this global challenge, each bringing a fresh and exciting offering.

Lucy English from Lyra Bristol Poetry Festival wrote:

"I haven't seen a performance like this for many, many years and I am excited that SIRENS are bringing back complex spoken word experiences to audiences.”

Accompanying the festival is a series of internationally acclaimed climate-focused film screenings:

  • -Burning Ice, a Matter of Fact will be screened on the 3rd November alongside a Q&A with myself and a cast member tbc.
  • -The Biggest Little Farm will be screened on the 4th November followed by a Q&A with Dorset organic farmers Will and Pam Best.
  • -Riverside will be screened on the 9th November accompanied by a Q&A with Director Franny Armstrong.
  • -High Tide Don’t Hide will be screened on the 10th November and will be accompanied by the Director for a Q&A at the end which will be live from New Zealand.

There is great expectation that COP26 in Glasgow will deliver – it must do. But rest assured, away from the copious amounts of hot air, Cape Farewell continues to bring creativity to the climate challenge, all staged in partnership with Lighthouse on the south coast of the UK.

Please consider supporting our work

One salient image, poem, film or song can speak louder than volumes of scientific data.

Every gift, however large or small, makes a big difference. Help Cape Farewell create a better future for people and the planet – we are all in this together. Your donation will help collectively kick the fossil fuel habit, creating the possibility of a vibrant, just and ecologically stable society.

Booking has opened, and I will be at every event so hopefully see you there or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

wAteR-climaTe festival | 3rd-10th November 2021 | Lighthouse, Pool

Photo by Nick Fewings

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