Thursday 18 January 2018

Walking On Air

Written by Editorial Team

Walking On Air

VIVOBAREFOOT, the leading global barefoot shoe brand, and Sensoria, a premier wearable smart technology company, announced the debut of the VIVOBAREFOOT Smart Shoe.

Powered by Sensoria – it is the first IoT (Internet of things) enabled shoe with a very thin sole that allows the foot to move naturally. It enables users to record natural movement without any underfoot padding or interference. It has the thinnest pressure sensors in the world, localised in the planter area, and detachable, rechargeable and reuseable Sensoria Core hardware, which collects data and streams it to the users smartphone. It detects forces, such as foot landing and impact with extreme precision. It even monitors GPS, asymmetry and toe engagement. This data helps the user form a natural running transition training plan, and prevent injury by monitoring your natural running motion.

"Our new connected smart shoe will play a pivotal role in educating people about natural movement," said Galahad Clark, VIVOBAREFOOT founder and MD. "Through our partnership with Sensoria, we're able to offer real-time transition advice and visual proof of the incredible sensory feedback loop between feet and brain."

"With the new VIVOBAREFOOT Smart Shoe, natural runners are empowered with real-time feedback to help them run faster, farther and healthier," said CEO and co-founder Davide Vigano. "Sensoria's proprietary sensors, microelectronics and the new Sensoria Run 2.0 app make it easy for runners to identify bad habits and correct them, helping to improve running form and minimize the risk of injuries."

The new product will be available for purchase to consumers in the second half of 2018.

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