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It all started in 2012, when James Livingstone Wallace left the finance world with an idea of setting up a Fairtrade business. Since then, Quinola has grown into much more than a quinoa company: it has become a radically generous plant-protein company, priding themselves on how much they take care when it comes to their impact on people, society, and the environment.

The nutritious Quinola range consists of delicious healthy quinoa products, from express quinoa and dry grains to kids’ meals and cakes. All of their packaging is plastic-neutral and employees (including those with learning difficulties who pack the product in France) are paid fairly for their hard work. Quinola products are 100 percent natural and plant-based. While you substitute meat for quinoa to reduce your carbon footprint, the brand works with PUR Projet, offsetting the emissions of their maritime transport between Peru and Europe through planting trees. On top of that, a percentage of each product sold is donated to a vetted program that collects and recycles as much plastic waste from the environment as Quinola use in their packaging.

farahqureshi s1Farah Qureshi

Working from a standalone studio and showroom in North-West London, Farah Qureshi transforms recycled gold and silver into the finest jewellery pieces. Her Fairtrade gold license enables her to address inequalities and provide gold miners with a fair wage and safe working conditions. Ethics and sustainability are at the heart of Qureshi’s business.

For Qureshi, life is an inspiration. Her annual collections are influenced by the natural world, botany under the microscope, found objects, and cultures far and wide. As well as jewellery made from precious materials, she works on creative commissions, producing individual couture pieces for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Qureshi has exhibited her collections both nationally and internationally, at trade shows and retail events, growing her clientele in the process. She regularly takes part in pop-up and open studio events in London. ‘I absolutely love my career. It is very rewarding to see customers wearing my jewellery,’ she says. Since the global pandemic hit, she has been focusing on selling online, though customers can still book appointments to the Alperton showroom (with social-distancing measures in place, of course).

closeup flutelopeEnvirolopes

As one of the UK’s largest postal packaging suppliers, offering a sustainable alternative to all currently available postal packaging felt essential. ‘As a company that ships packages all over the world, vital changes in our warehouses and offices had to be made. Our packaging is now eco-friendly and we are no longer sending parcels in plastic bags; paper tape is used to seal cardboard boxes and, when padding is required, we shred used cardboard boxes and paper to create the extra protection,’ say the creators of Envirolopes.

One of the company’s best-selling items is the Flutelope, which comes with a protective inner corrugated layer, being made entirely of paper and glue rendering it completely plastic-free, fully recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable. Flutelopes are available in all of Envirolopes’ most popular sizes and in four colours to protect your most precious items in style. The new and original Boardlopes, on the other hand, come in two different sizes. These are made completely out of sustainable materials, and their fluted inner lining makes them perfect for keeping your items safe.

Envirolopes’ on-site digital and litho printing facilities are able to overprint with logos, too, making your post stand out and, simultaneously, promoting your brand. Bespoke options for a range of Envirolopes’ products are available, too – get in touch to find a greener way to post.


Born and raised in Transylvania, where recycling is a way of life, Matilda Janosi combined her knowledge of recycling with her talent as a fashion designer and opened a magical door to luxurious eco-friendly designs: TildArt. Recycled materials are merged with luxury fabrics, natural latex, wool, and Swarovski Crystals to create a unique “Eco Luxury” style in an East London studio.

The first TildArt catwalk collection was created when Janosi saw the endless possibilities of discarded inner tubes of a bicycle. Since then, she has expanded her repertoire to include fashion made from many different kinds of upcycled and sustainable materials. ‘I love all materials which have a history behind them – it is my biggest inspiration. Previously, my collections included pieces from movie strips, vinyl records, or even moss. I feel I give them a second life. Recently, I have been concentrating on working with a combination of organic and 100 percent biodegradable recycled fabrics, using natural dye techniques,’ she says.

TildArt has been a part of exhibitions and fashion shows across the UK, Canada, USA, Hungary, and Australia, where the creativity and daring nature behind the pieces was embraced with open arms. Recently, she has managed to obtain some old curtains from Spencer House, the London residence of Lady Diana. The collection is a combination of organic fabrics and a touch of British History, as timeless as the Lady’s elegance.


Smidge is a lifestyle brand providing eco-friendly, affordable household products with exceptional performance without forgoing the all-important style factor. Their optimistic outlook is contagious – optimistic that we can all be the change that is needed, that it only takes a little to make a big difference, and that we shouldn’t have to turn our life upside down to do our bit.

Smidge was born out of the desire to reduce the impact of plastic pollution on the environment. The choices we make should fit into our lives seamlessly and without compromise, which is why all products are designed with their final users in mind. Outstanding functionality, attractive design, and material selection are at the forefront of product development, and the brand strives to use either natural ingredients, repurposed waste, or robust materials in everything they make.

The Smidge catalogue includes brilliantly-designed products to suit every busy lifestyle, from leak-proof, thermally-insulated travel mugs to lunch boxes, travel cutlery, and picnic sets. Not only do they look great, but are easy to live with, too, since the entire range is dishwasher proof. And for the home, there’s fabulous tableware and kitchenware including beeswax wraps, silicone bowl covers, and plastic-free chopping boards.

ArtdeParfumArt de Parfum

Founded in 2015, Art de Parfum is an innovative fragrance company with ethics at its heart. One of the first ethically sourced and manufactured perfume brands, all Art de Parfum fragrances are environmentally-friendly, composed in France, and steer clear of any materials that contribute to third world exploitation.

Ruta Degutyte, the brand’s creator, is uncompromising when it comes to the environment. From the very inception of the company, her mission was to minimise the ecological impacts of operations, in both the short and long term, prioritising the support of environmental sustainability for both current and future generations. All Art de Parfum products are proudly free from animal testing, GMO-related products, and endangered raw materials. Everything comes with certificates of origin for green and biohazard-free production. Fragrances are completely free of all nano-particles, alcohol is derived from organic beetroot, perfume bottles are recyclable, and cardboard packaging is fully biodegradable.

The Art de Parfum range includes six luxurious, unisex perfumes. The most exquisite raw materials  are hunted down from all over the world and brought to the South of France, where their perfumer composes the fragrances. In choosing Art de Parfum, customers can rest safe in the knowledge that their choice is both beautiful and sustainable.

Square CarmaBella 350x350CarmaBella

Founded in 2018, CarmaBella Skincare is a natural skin care brand focused on healthy skin using eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients and packaging. The company mission is to be a brand that is always as close to nature as possible, without sacrificing the experience of taking care of your skin. Made for those yearning for a skincare routine that covers all fronts, CarmaBella products are formulated with high quality ingredients and no chemical additives. Nothing unnecessary.

The founder, Carmen Gaines, has been working as a cosmetic chemist for over 12 years, and this company is the embodiment of her passion. Gaines believes that women should understand what they are putting on their skin, where it comes from, and exactly what it does. When using CarmaBella products, you do not have to choose between natural and luxurious, and you skin will be left glowing.

TDHThe Divine Hag

Vegan, Earth-conscious, and focused on women, The Divine Hag has become the cult go-to for conscious consumers. Since its launch in 2017, the aromatherapy and home fragrance company has won various awards. Suffering from crippling migraines, often triggered by artificial fragrances, founder Margaret left her career as a surveyor and pursued her lifelong interest in aromatherapy. Her passion for natural products inspired the launch of a range that not only brings a divine scent to the home, but also acts as sensory medicine.

From the very beginning, the company has offered refill facilities, used recycled packaging, and sourced ingredients from ethical producers, the principle of walking the earth lightly being the founding and guiding ethos. Manufactured by hand in Glasgow, skillfully selected blends are combined to offer a natural, hypoallergenic alternative to conventional home fragrance products.

Though all products bring relief from various maladies, the Bliss Sleep range offers a tried-and-tested scent in the form of pillow mists, candles, bath salts, and balms, available individually or in a variety of bedtime ritual sets. The Womb Range, on the other hand, seeks to help those struggling with womb-centric issues. Other popular Divine Hag ranges include Pause, specifically designed for menopause, and Moontime, beautifully blended and perfect for easing premenstrual anxiety.

SublimesquareSamuel Groves

British Cookware manufacturer Samuel Groves is driven to reduce money wasted on poor quality cookware that doesn’t perform and doesn’t last, offering pots and pans that will literally last a lifetime while aiming to be carbon neutral by the end of 2020. 

The magnificent Stainless-Steel Tri Ply Collection offers a robust set of chef-style pans with a stainless-steel exterior and interior, sandwiching the thermally-efficient aluminium core with its superior heat conductivity, even heat distribution leading to greater energy efficiencies.

These pans perform brilliantly on all hobs, especially induction, and can be used in the oven, too. Not only are they comfortable to use and hold, easy to clean, and will maintain their good looks for years, each pan comes with a lifetime guarantee. The ‘Pan for Life’ scheme includes a recoating of non-stick pans, replacement of worn rivets, and pan polishing. In addition, your pan will arrive in a protective, sturdy hessian bag, which, aside from being biodegradable, can be reused to store fruit, vegetables, or even trainers.


This is the streetwear brand that is leading the way in ethical and eco-friendly fashion. At their core is the desire to create good quality products that do no harm. Being 100 percent cruelty-free, sweatshop-free, FEMME FORTE have a strong desire to blend sustainability with forward-thinking fashion. And it comes together perfectly.

The brand launched just last year, fuelled by a frustration at mainstream streetwear brands for their lack of inclusivity and availability of truly sustainable products. Giving back to the community is a pillar of their work and they continuously fundraise for causes close to their heart, like donating 10 percent of all sales to building an LGBTQ+ community centre in London or raising money for akt and Mermaids. They continue to speak out on issues important to them.

All FEMME FORTE designs use vegan inks free from toxic chemicals, with the garments themselves made by people who are treated well and paid fairly. Everything they create is gender neutral, to ensure inclusivity. FEMME FORTE are a refreshing addition to the fashion industry and a new staple to add to your wardrobe.