27 August 2020

Top 6 Sustainable Brands '20

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Inspiring humankind to contribute to a sustainable future has never been an easy feat. Between timeless watches, chic bridal collections, vegan footwear, organic textiles and natural skincare, these independent brands are doing more than promoting style; they put the environment at the heart of their business.

TextInfinity G Nylon Green FVNordgreen

Clean, timeless, and sustainable - that's the Danish design you can expect from Nordgreen watches. The Scandinavian watch brand stands for high quality. Made to stand out, each collection was designed by the renowned designer of Bang & Olufsen and HAY, Jakob Wagner. His minimalist design won the 2020 Red Dot Award and you can really see it in every Nordgreen timepiece. 

Each of the four collections is truly memorable. Make a statement and embrace Scandinavian critical thinking with the Nordgreen Philosopher; complete an effortlessly classy look with the Nordgreen Infinity; represent and express all the best of Copenhagen through the Nordgreen Native; show off with the 2020 award-winning design symbolising positive change with the Nordgreen Pioneer. With a number of styles to choose from, Nordgreen creates some of the best watches on the market. 

From production to packaging, all steps are ethical and sustainable. Union-certified factories complying with international labour and human rights laws are a must for Nordgreen, as is the packaging made of recycled felt and FSC-certified carton.

With every watch, the customer can choose one of three global NGOs that will receive a part of the profit from the purchase. Whether you decide to provide two months of free education for children in India, give two months of clean water to a person in The Central African Republic, or preserve 50m2 of rainforest in Latin America, the brand is that fair. And it doesn't stop there - Nordgreen continuously supports charities and causes throughout the year - Social Bite, One Tree Planted, or ThanksGive are just a few of them. To help the reforestation efforts in Australia, the brand has partnered with One Tree Planted and donated five trees towards their reforestation efforts for every watch purchased. 

Creating a timeless product all while giving back to the planet and making it affordable to purchase for masses is what makes Nordgreen stand out. With prices ranging from £150 to £260, their watches are an affordable, must-have accessory. 

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SBTextelsa sass 03Sabina Motasem

A multi-award-winning label, Sabina Motasem has built a cult following of timelessly chic, cool brides since the brand’s conception in 2007. Loved by brides from all over the world for its ultra-modern luxe signature style and recently launched Green Collection, Sabina Motasem offers a new ready-to-wear fashion line of vegan and completely sustainable pieces.

Inspired by the simplicity of Art Deco and the fluidity of Art Nouveau, the new collection evokes modern opulence through sleek silhouettes in sumptuous silks and ethical fabrics, proudly made with the best craftsmanship in London by an extraordinarily talented team. Sabina Motasem has redefined the statement wedding dress - with prices starting from only £975, The Green Collection compliments The Couture Collection (£1,950 – £3,500) while offering an affordable, sustainable option for the cost-conscious bride.

‘They say necessity is the mother of invention – we always wanted to create a secondary line, long before the pandemic came along. A whole season of weddings (including my own!) have had to adapt. As weddings begin again, in a new way, brides are re-evaluating what they want from their big day,’ Sabina Motasem says.

More fabulous fashion pieces are coming soon, too, including bias cut slip dresses that brides can dance the night away in, beautifully draped cowl neck styles that the brand is known for, and elegant slinky styles. Some of the dresses are made with a beautiful floral jacquard with a subtle pattern, named after plants and created from natural, plant-based materials like circular viscose and cupro. This allows the fabric to be derived from sustainable wood and pulp and come from certified and controlled sources.

Sabina Motasem now offers customers a home delivery service, allowing you to try on your dream dresses in the comfort of your own home. You can book a complimentary virtual appointment, too, and rest assured that even though they aren’t meeting physically, customers will still receive the signature personal touch that Sabina Motasem is known for.


TextDrJacksonsEverydayOilDr. Jackson's

A sustainable, science-led cosmetics company, Dr Jackson’s creates natural skincare products and organic herbal teas. Based on the belief in clean, safe and, most importantly, effective beauty, Dr Jackson's combined over 30 years of meticulous research with the finest ethically-sourced ingredients nature has to offer and developed products for all genders and all skin types.

Many years ago, the brand embarked on a journey in exotic plants, in the transfer of knowledge in natural remedies from ancient cultures, backed by science, sustainability, and innovation. Today, they're able to make you feel good and achieve healthy, glowing skin. Dr Jackson's is made up of a team of scientists, business people, creatives, universities, and local communities, united in giving back more than they take, on a mission to continue developing an ethical, forward-thinking and sustainable company.

Working with like-minded people who wish to make a positive impact on our planet and inspire future generations, they're more than just a pretty face - at every step of the way, they care for both their customers' skin and the planet. As much research goes into their minimalistic, recyclable packaging as into the formulas developed to accomplish inside and outside beauty. All products are vegan and cruelty-free certified, and it's part of the brand's DNA to stay away from all harmful chemicals, parabens, PEGS, sulphates, carcinogens, synthetic fragrances and colours, oxybenzone, octinoxate, mineral oils, pesticides, and definitely away from plastic.

TextEchoVerde1Echo Verde

When you work from home, you value comfort over looks. But why give up style when you can have both? Echo Verde is based in Vancouver, Canada, manufacturing clothing for women in natural, eco-friendly and organic textiles that are incredibly soft and well-made. Specialising in sweaters, knits, and intimates, the brand believes in ethical, high-quality design for value pricing.

Verde is green in Italian, a nod to owner Jane’s Italian Nonna who taught her to sew. Being female-owned, the brand empowers predominantly female-owned businesses at both ends of the supply and retail chain. Design is based on slow fashion classics and the idea that what impacts one end of the line will impact the other, forming an ‘echo’.

Fall staples include beautiful, deep tones of teal, bordeaux, navy, and plum, as well as neutrals in certified organic cotton sweater knits, recycled yarn, cozy sweaters and supple, soft bamboo intimates to layer underneath. Echo Verde specialises in eco merino yarn, too - sourced from happy sheep, humanely raised and sheared, it proves incredibly durable yet beautifully fine.

With Echo Verde, you can look and feel amazing while having a positive impact on the world. Head over echoverde.com and use code ‘SUBLIME’ for 20 percent off your first purchase, and sign up to the monthly newsletter for discounts on your favorite items.


TextOtterlieblktrousersBeyond Skin

Marrying timeless trans-seasonal classics with a vegan DNA and standing apart in a world of fast fashion, Beyond Skin is quickly approaching its second decade of producing beautiful, sustainable style and covetable design.

Beyond Skin was founded in 2011 with the clear objective of offering luxury vegan footwear that encompassed individuality, authenticity, and sustainability. Aiming to create a brand for the discerning, for those who care about where their fashion comes from and what it stands for, Beyond Skin has built a feverish cult following for its trademark vintage-inspired silhouettes, expertly fused with a contemporary twist.

Designed in England but ethically handcrafted in Spain using luxury Italian fabrics, the brand is renowned for combining rich, opulent prints and textured faux leathers with a focus on quality, design, and craftsmanship. Beyond Skin has pioneered the way in sustainable fashion, consistently demonstrating that transparency and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive. They produce unique, timeless styles in limited quantities, striving to slow fashion down.

Shop from a range of elegant yet comfortable heels, women's winter boots, chic flats, stylish loafers, and slip-on mules on beyond-skin.com. Every pair is lined with 100 percent recycled vegan leather with a plant-based coating, and packaging is completely recyclable.



Founded by James Kenning, Pure Shave is a new UK-based brand that creates premium shaving products which improve your skin. With a firm focus on sustainability, the company was created to solve an age-old problem: the irritation and rash caused by shaving.

Each ingredient in the Pure Shave formula was selected specifically for the contributions it made to overall skin health. The aim was to use minimal ingredients but offer maximum skin-calming effects. The result? A fragrance-free, antioxidant, hypoallergenic shaving cream which soothes and moisturises the skin.

Sustainability played a huge factor in Pure Shave’s packaging decisions right from the beginning. Wanting to prevent their products from contributing to landfill or having a negative effect on the environment, the brand brought in the ethos of Refill, Reuse, Regain.

Refill: When your bottle begins to run low, it couldn’t be easier to top it up. Pure Shave refill pouches hold three times the amount of shaving cream as a Pure Shave bottle, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to ensure you never run out mid-shave. You can refill both your bottle and pouch at a number of zero- waste stores dotted around the UK. And if your local one doesn’t stock Pure Shave, get in touch and they’ll try to change that.

Reuse: Products come in minimal packaging - no more than a refillable aluminium bottle in a simple cardboard sleeve ensures no excess waste. Use the bottle over and over to make the most of its durable construction, or get creative and transform it into an ice pack or seedling planter once it has served its purpose.

Regain: While shaving once saddled you with dry, irritated skin, Pure Shave can help you regain a smooth complexion and supple skin. With less irritation, you can shave without fear of razor burn and enjoy a clean shave every day of the week. Pure Shave will leave you looking good and feeling great, and you’ll never look back. New products coming soon include moisturiser, fragrance, both refillable, and washbags.

Follow pureshave.co.uk for the latest deals and use code ‘SUBLIME10’ for 10 percent off at checkout.




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