Wednesday 8 December 2021


Written by Rose Langis


As a part of their new interactive CLEAN POWER campaign, sustainable and ethical brand #TOGETHERBAND has opened its first pop-up shop on Regent Street

Designed in collaboration with UK artist Morag Myerscough, the shop is an interactive, colourful experience, where visitors will be able to attend a series of talks hosted by climate experts and campaigners. These talks will be taking place with the purpose of inciting and inspiring individuals to take part in the fight for accessible, affordable and clean renewable energy, inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goal 7. 

Visitors to the pop-up will be able to purchase from a wide range of merchandise also designed by Myerscough for the campaign: t-shirts sporting the words “SUN”, “SEA”, and “AIR, as well as a range of 17 #TOGETHERBAND bracelets, all sustainably and ethically made of recycled materials and of different colours, each tone linked to a different UN Global Goal. Alongside CLEAN POWER campaign items, the full range of #TOGETHERBAND pieces will also be available to purchase, such as tote bags, t-shirts and the brand’s ocean-plastic-fighting #TOGETHERBOTTLE. 

The CLEAN POWER campaign has been launched to bring awareness around renewable energy and how we can harness its power to tackle the current climate emergency.

Launched in November to coincide with COP26, the campaign is set to travel across the UK, showcasing at different important landmarks - starting alongside Glasgow’s Scottish Canals and culminating in a presentation that will be running along London’s iconic Regent Street in March 2022. Art installations and flags designed by Morag Myerscough sporting the words “CLEAN POWER” and “SUN, SEA, AIR” make up the presentation, all constructed from recycled ocean plastic and embedded with URL and QR codes linking to the CLEANPOWER campaign website. Once online, visitors of the platform will find tips and tricks on how to reduce energy consumption on an individual basis, as well as science-based advice from climate experts on how governments and communities can come together to help reduce the impacts of climate change on our future. 

The CLEAN POWER pop-up is set to run from November 2021 to January 2022. For any updates on events and the CLEANPOWER campaign, follow @togetherbandofficial.

The #TOGETHERBAND campaign has been created by sustainable luxury brand BOTTLETOP.

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