Tuesday 15 December 2020

Time for Reconciliation

Written by Sublime Team

Time for Reconciliation

When the world feels like a dark place, a gesture as simple as lighting a candle can spark hope. Find out how supporting the #Reconciliation project can help overcome global crises and bring positivity back into our lives.

We face a global crisis, with 71 million people suffering displacement as a result of war and climate change.

The #Reconciliation Luxury Scented Candle comes with a twist: it represents a noble cause. Set up by Sublime Magazine, #Reconciliation project is a crowd-funding initiative, aiming to raise money for the production of articles & features, related to conflict resolution including inspirational stories of reunion and hope from around the world.

We believe that reconciliation narratives can stop wars and displacement, that the reconciliation message could bring prosperity to the less fortunate, and that reconciliation stories could transform fighters into peacemakers.

The candle itself is hand-crafted in Lombardy, Italy. It’s vegan, natural, sustainable, and plastic-free, with a guarantee of 92 hours of burn time – perfect for shedding some light when winter nights feel almost never-ending.

If your values align with ours, we invite you to purchase a candle and join us. We want this message to be visible and create a place of harmony with nature, with each other, and within ourselves.

Supporting the #Reconciliation project can help overcome global crises one story at the time. Find out more Reconciliation Project.

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