Sunday 21 March 2021

Time for Kindness

Written by Jess Berlin

Time for Kindness

The Italian FIVE GROUP (Fabbrica Italiana Veicoli Elettrici) has started the delivery of the electric assisted bicycles commissioned by the Italian Red Cross, which has been carrying out a project called “Tempo della Gentilezza (Time for Kindness)”.

The Italian Red Cross initiative was launched to provide support to the most vulnerable people all over the Country, where different Committees have activated services for the elderly or for people who are immunodeficient, for example, grocery, drugs and essential goods deliveries. A kind of support, that from now on, can also rely on a 100% Italian made, green vehicle, which can enable thousands of CRI volunteers to reach people alone or in difficulty, in both a widespread and sustainable way. 

CRI FIVE bikes

The new e–bike bought by the Italian Red Cross is produced under the Italwin brand in Bologna, in the factory of the group. The bikes use a modern, complex technology called a dual photovoltaic system allowing the bike to be a sustainable method of transport. The bikes were created on the basis of the Nuvola Lite, which is the reference model in the Urban segment of the manufacturer’s range. 

"We are happy that we had the opportunity to work with the Italian Red Cross and above all - added Giatti – to know that our products will support its staff throughout our country". A first stock of bicycles already reached the CRI operating offices in Legnano (MI), Settimo Torinese (TO), Rome and Salerno"

The main technical features include the exclusive white livery of the aluminum frame with low down tube, 26” wheels, led lights, a 7 speed Shimano frame and a 500 Wh FIVE battery with Samsung cells.

The bicycle is also equipped with a multifunction display with led indicators and a soft start device, which helps from a standing restart.

Fabio Giatti - CEO of the FIVE GROUP - has also mentioned the "restart" emphasizing "the value of this project - that thanks to solidarity and proximity - is certainly an essential support for those most in need and also an opportunity for the different communities to get up again: congratulations to the Italian Red Cross for this project”.

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