Wednesday 16 January 2019

The Art of the Absurd

Written by Sublime Team

The Art of the Absurd

A remarkable body of work by an artist whose wry humour and distinctive 2-D and 3-D graphic art defies categorisation.

“Libedinsky plays with words and images, mixing the strangely new with the unexpectedly familiar”.(Rosemary Hill - writer and historian)

Sylvia Libedinsky the art of the absurd exhibition a variety of media - acrylic and/or ink on paper, card and fabric, as well as works made from foam, fabric and folded card, LED sculptures and light and shadow projections - demonstrates Libedinsky’s intriguingly eclectic output: what appears to be spontaneous wit is in fact the result of a profound, carefully considered and irreverent understanding of life’s many absurdities.

7th February to 28th February '19

GX Gallery
43 Denmark Hill
London SE5 8RS

For further information visit GXGallery

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