30 July 2012

5 Green Living Apps That Make Life Easier

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Having an eco-friendly lifestyle can be a complex and delicate science. Maintaining the balance between being cost-effective and easy on the environment can be a hard line to straddle. Fortunately, with new educational apps on carbon footprint reduction, the burden is lessened as we look to the experts who design these helpful and dynamic applications

altAccording to a recent Nielsen survey, roughly 25 percent of Americans use smartphones to perform activities on the Web. Many of these activities involve gathering apps that are useful to them. This means we’re increasingly becoming mobile information gatherers.

When it comes to informing the public about eco-friendly living, particularly energy-saving practices, the easiest and most efficient way to do this is through smartphones. In fact, the recent boom of mobile app development has made eco-living education easier than ever.

Here are a few helpful tools promoting eco-friendly living:

Five Green Living Apps that Make Life Easier

1. Carbon Tracker – The GPS-enabled application informs users on how much carbon they’re using on a daily basis. Users can actually calculate their tangible carbon footprint on their daily commutes into work. From there, users can even set goals for optimal emissions reduction. The app can also be networked among users within organisations like small or large businesses, government agencies or universities.

2. Go Green – The Go Green app is pretty straightforward, but a helpful tool nonetheless. In a nutshell, this app gives users helpful tips for green living. For instance, the app helps users locate eco-friendly coffee shops, grocery stores, hairdressers and mechanics. The big idea is to help people integrate eco-friendly choices into every aspect of their daily lives.

3. Green Genie – This convenient application provides the user with hundreds of green projects to embark onalt right at your fingertips, with everything from switching out your light bulbs to bringing your own grocery bags for shopping. It also has a database packed full of environmentally friendly information for those interested in expanding their knowledge and ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

4. iGrowIt for iPhone – Green living and sustainable living are closely tied together. Gardening, even in an urban environment, can be a great way to promote sustainable living. iGrowIt, a new iPhone app, help users get the most out of their garden growing. For instance, the app informs users which plants to grow at what time of year. To view this information the user simply opens the application and presses the “What can I grow today?” button. The sustainability app also uses GPS technology to take each user’s location and weather patterns into account. From there, the app provides detailed growing instructions for each season, and even recipe instructions relating to each plant or vegetable in the garden.

5. KWH Meter Readings for iPhone – Perhaps one of the biggest ways to promote eco-friendly living is by saving power at home. With the new KWH Meter Readings app for iPhone, users can easily measure power usage. This is done by simply entering the user’s electric meter readings and usage. From here, the app automatically displays costs and savings analysis in easy-to-read graphs on the iPhone screen. Users can also use the app to make detailed projections on upcoming energy bills and related costs. This allows app users to make the necessary changes to reduce energy usage in the future.


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