11 July 2012

Sculptural Solar Charger

Written by Published in Technology

There are many ways to charge your devices these days, but few that are as attractive as this one. Drop your leaf trimmer, push your high-maintenance bonsaï aside and check out the Electree, a chic solar-powered charger from French artist and designer Vivien Muller

The Electree's 27 amorphous violet solar panel leaves—inspired by natural photosynthesis—can be manipulated into various shapes, positioned to fit a window or rotated for supreme aesthetic quality.alt

Unlike nature, the Electree's energy is converted to a 13,500 mAh battery in its "roots" that easily fuels your gadgets through a concealed USB connector and A/C outlet.

Strictly for indoor use, the Electree is a statement charger unlike any other. The unique Bonsai design ensures the piece is both a practical household tool as well as a striking contemporary sculpture.

Now you too can go green and still keep your sunny disposition. Priced at 299.99 the Electree is available for purchase at Expansy's and for further information please go to the dedicated Electree Website.

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