The Carbonauts

It's easy to feel overwhelmed about the climate crisis – sea level rise? carbon dioxide equivalent? Paris Agreement? The experts are worried. You're recycling. You know you could do more. It all seems so confusing. But here's the good news: You have more control over the problem than you might think.

A Present for Today's Climate

Treedom is the only website in the world where you can plant a tree on a smallholder farm and follow its journey with regular online updates for up to 10 years through GPS tracking. The trees planted help local ecosystems, wildlife, and boost communities’ livelihoods and food security.

Supply Change

If we want to change the current situation of fast-fashion, we must start by rethinking how we manufacture and source our goods. Sublime talks to Flora Davidson, co-founder of Supplycompass, an innovative platform enabling supply chain transparency

Artificial Leaf

Once again, nature provides inspiration and a simple solution in a complex crisis

Winds of Change

Product designer Merel Karhof draws inspiration from every day observations and inspections of her surroundings. She curiously unfolds the overlooked and creates designs that tell their very own unique stories. For her most recent project, Windworks, she’s designing upholstered furniture in collaboration with three historical windmills in the Netherlands

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