From Trash To Runway by Dan Pontarlier

Sustainability consultant Dan Pontarlier has been campaigning in the world of fashion for 15 years. Sublime delves deeper into his new book, the story behind it, and its potential for creating real change in the industry

Icelandic Seaweed Innovation

Iceland has utilised green energy for decades, harnessing geothermal power for the nations heating source and generating electricity for the national grid. It will come as no surprise that Iceland has been supporting innovation in sustainable industries long before it became relevant, and the fashion industry is no exception.

Sustainable Innovation 2021

Whilst sustainability is high on the global agenda for policy makers, business and citizens, the speed and scale of change is far from adequate. This is particularly true in the global fashion and clothing industry. Professor Martin Charter, in partnership with sublime magazine, introduces the 23rd International Conference of Sustainable Innovation 2021.

Ethical vs Sustainable Fashion

In the fashion-for-good world, the terms “ethical” and “sustainable” are often used interchangeably, both seeming to express slow fashion and an understanding of the industry’s effect on people and the planet. Taking a closer look, these terms have distinct definitions, yet they work in a complementary manner. So what's the difference between them and, more importantly, how do they intersect?

Original Time

Sublime Magazine spoke to Vincent Irfah on the creation of Nepto Watches and how this new venture can potentially change the way we consider watches in the future.

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