Brighten Your Winter

Combat the winter blues with a gentle flicker of a flame, mood-boosting scents, and a passion for the environment. Sublime reviews five candles that don’t fail to impress with aesthetics, ingredients, and a potential for change.

Transforming Denim

Are your jeans sustainable? Sublime speaks to denim manufacturers to find out how the industry can be improved and how the Conscious Fashion Campaign is creating change.

Sublime Graduate Awards '19

Sublime introduces three top Fashion Journalism graduates from Solent University that have taken their degrees to the next level and made an impact on the world

Going Forward

Entrepreneur Ines Karu-Salo launched KiRiVOO Apparel after suffering a breakdown through overwork and making some changes to her life. She tells Sublime about her passions, and how transforming the world of fashion involves more than just clothes

What Can Chefs Do? (A Manifesto)

It's hard to stand by and do nothing with the daily news full of deforestation, refugees, poverty and hunger, climate change, and extinctions. Chefs are trying to make a difference.

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