The Secret Life of Plants

What if our food could be grown locally and all year round, rather than travel thousands of miles to our supermarkets? It sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s exactly what Plantlab in The Netherlands are proposing with their innovative approach to vertical farming

The Science Of Spin

'Most of today’s elite players use sidespin but a gifted few, such as Beckham and the Brazilian, Juninho Pernambucano, manage to squeeze some topspin into their deliveries, making the ball both swerve and dip.'


High Life

Overcrowding, climate change and technological innovation on an unimagined scale have motivated artist Tomas Saraceno to design living space that hangs in the sky. A whole new nation, in fact – a place that, as something of a wanderer, he can call home.

Mathieu And The Machine

Charmingly unassuming multifaceted French designer Mathieu Lehanneur is taking the world by storm with his humanistic and science-inspired concept pieces

Finding Your Soul

Stephen Hawking has famously written that he believes there is no place for God in the creation of the universe. Some would agree with his conclusion. But others still recognise a part of themselves that seeks to be fulfilled by transcence.

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