Local Flavour

Stravaig’ means ‘to wander’ in Scots and at the Stravaigin restaurant in Glasgow’s vibrant West End you never know where on the culinary globe you might end up. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, it is a place with one foot firmly in the past and the other boldly in the future

Eat, Play, Dream

Sitting on sun-bleached decking, my toes are immersed in the mirror-still, natural pool outside Cornwall’s Scarlet Hotel. Pinks, purples and oranges merge like watercolours as the once dramatic sunset fades into calm and the only sounds audible are the faint clinks of glasses from the terrace above and the occasional honk from a seagull flying overhead

The Journey Back to Baroque

Venetian Baroque is in peril. The history of its birth – the emerging of the first public opera houses, the invention of sonata, cantata, concerto – has been told worldwide but remains largely unspoken at home

The Simple Life

Some consider Romania to be one of the least developed of the ex-Communist European states, and as far as some of its young are concerned, it still is – they work hard to secure jobs as migrant workers elsewhere. But as the whole of Europe becomes mired in ever-deepening economic failure, the elegantly simple, sustainable-living models still encapsulated in that country’s traditions, which have been honed over generations, are starting to come into their own   

Tailing the Tiger

The Royal Bengal Tiger is precious to India, yet the species is becoming closer to extinction each day. ‘Project Tiger’, supported by the Indian Government, is working towards the survival of these majestic creatures through preserving their natural habitat

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