Vanished Kingdoms

Despite being quite a tome, this book is surprisingly accessible and perfect for curling up with in front of the fire. It presents a new perspective on the past and is, essentially, a back-to-front history lesson – a rare experience in itself. Each chapter begins in the present day and reverses back through time to unravel a tangle of trials by tribe and ducal duels

The Viral Storm

Nathan Wolfe was a professor of human biology who worked as a professional advisor on the movie Contagion. In his book The Viral Storm he presents the nature of the pandemic and the systems that have been set in place to prevent and control them

Climate is Culture

The Cape Farewell project has gone global, with a Foundation now established in Toronto. This takes me far and wide, and onto the frontline of the international cultural shift needed to address human excess. The question I ask is, what do we need to do to protect our habitat, and how could we evolve a way of living that is even more exciting and a lot less destructive than the one we currently practise?

Wonder Wood

There has never been a better time to sing the praises of one of the world’s most enduring, beautiful and endlessly usable natural materials. Sublime ran a loving hand over the winning entries of an Award that is as much a celebration as a competition

Singing in the Key of Life

As a Staffordshire pottery heiress and a renowned lyricist, a female vocalist and member of the international jet-set, Sublime’s latest guest interviewee is making for a very interesting conversation. And we’ve hardly started

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