Rythm Kings

Ever since Ry Cooder gathered a forgotten generation of semi- ancient Cubans to record the seminal Buena Vista Social Club album, there’s been a continual search in all corners of the world to find other ‘scenes’ that might be similarly turned into a global phenomenon. While the excellent film Rocksteady: the Roots of Reggae is following the Buena Vista blueprint almost step by step, documenting the pre-reggae music of Jamaica, a number of African artists who made their names in the 1970s have also profited from this interest in history

The Secret Life of Stuff

Julie Hill, whose green credentials are impressive, begins by celebrating human achievement and even confesses to having a yen herself for ‘stuff’. However, she quickly points out that because we rarely know where it comes from and where it ends up, a shadow is cast

The Global Forest

Beautifully composed, The Global Forest takes the reader on a journey through a colourful array of trees in all their glory

Too Much Information?

What are the dos and don'ts of self-expression and confrontation on the social platforms?