The Golden Age of Porcelain Relived

Elin Sigrén turns porcelain scraps into jewellery fantasies. Each piece of found porcelain is ground into shape and set in a circle of shiny, thick silver

Raw Emotion

Out of the blue comes Anna Calvi. The young Londoner’s debut album, bursting with ideas, brings together a sense of rock energy and female sensibility reminiscent of early PJ Harvey, but with more than a touch of the blues

Less Meat More Veg

Taking as her starting point the fact that we eat twice the amount of meat we need and only half the vegetables, Rachel de Thample’s offering serves as a perfect foil for The Meat Crisis

The Meat Crisis

This is the kind of book which is likely to have you waking up in the night in a cold sweat. With the planet’s population set to explode by 2050, the amount of food needed to sustain our civilisation is growing exponentially. Yet we are increasing our consumption, rather than reducing it

Sitting Comfortably

For the last six years, over 1,000 artists in 22 countries have been busy painting, printing, sticking, doodling and generally adding their bit of creativity to the Zaishu, a Japanese-inspired slot-together seat/table

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