Shower Conscious

Upgrading your shower experience whilst saving water is just one of the positives of Vitaclean filters. Founders, Sara Douglas and Kristina Velkova explain how their sustainable showerheads conserve 25% more water whilst also stimulating healthier hair and skin.

Coffee, Caffeine & Beauty

Caffeine is the most actively used drug in the world, and yet we seldom think about its long term impact on the body and mind. Dr Mariano Spiezia explores the benefits - and dangers - of coffee.

Organic Versatility

How did Alex Elliot go from designing fast fashion to launching a sustainability-focused brand? Sublime explores the inspiration behind a clothing line fuelled by timelessness, quality and ethical production.

The Law of Mutual Benefit

When we walk through a woodland, what is under our feet is not just soil - it is an extraordinary and busy world of a social life regulated by a law for mutual benefits. Dr Mariano Spiezia looks at how this complex law applies to the human body and to our everyday life.

Time to Switch

Cheap, high speed travel was always destined to trigger a global pandemic. COVID-19 is closing airports and forcing airlines into liquidation.

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