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Transparency and regeneration, the recipe of two female entrepreneurs to challenge the fashion industry

Going Forward

Entrepreneur Ines Karu-Salo launched KiRiVOO Apparel after suffering a breakdown through overwork and making some changes to her life. She tells Sublime about her passions, and how transforming the world of fashion involves more than just clothes

Wear & Share

Marine Delmau, founder of Lâcher Prise Apparel, trained at prestige design school Parsons before working in the New York fashion industry. She talked to Sublime about her vision and the inspiration behind the brand’s name

The Essence of Fashion

What made internationally renowned visual artist Begoña Toledo – aka Boxhead – put away her brushes and spray cans aside to find self-expression in zero waste fashion?

Friends of Knowledge

Here's a fashion company that, inspired by the great environmental challenges of our times, turns them into opportunities for innovation. We talk to Mads Mørup, CEO and founder KnowledgeCotton Apparel about determination, challenging the conventions in the textile industry, and staying true to your vision

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