Wheel of the Future

Thinking beyond traditional windmills, Rotterdam will showcase the future of wind energy

Cool & Easy

Here’s a design challenge: how can our furniture contribute to energy saving at home and in the office? With their newly-launched Zero Energy range, Raphaël Ménard and Jean-Sébastien Lagrange have not only made it possible, but irresistibly and beautifully simple

Light My Fire

There can’t be many companies that have employed 17 members of the same family. Fewer still where the most recognisable face in the firm is a black labrador. Welcome to A. J. Wells & Sons, manufacturers of Charnwood stoves

Artificial Leaf

Once again, nature provides inspiration and a simple solution in a complex crisis

The Frackers

As well as being a book The Frackers has the potential to be a film, a TV series and even a musical. Opening with the cast of main players and written at a cracking pace, it charts the developments of fracking that may be ground-breaking in more ways than one

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