Climate is Culture

The Cape Farewell project has gone global, with a Foundation now established in Toronto. This takes me far and wide, and onto the frontline of the international cultural shift needed to address human excess. The question I ask is, what do we need to do to protect our habitat, and how could we evolve a way of living that is even more exciting and a lot less destructive than the one we currently practise?

Spain's Plain Gain

Back in the day, people with any idea of taste would flinch at the suggestion of Benidorm as a holiday option. A recent visit discovered a renewed, repurposed destination

Better Together

Only by swallowing our pride and teaming up with the big brands will we be able to innovate towards a wholly sustainable, ethical work environment

Yes, Minister

Much classic British comedy has been inspired by the faithful civil servant, juggling the whims of some upstart new minister. Yet there is truth in this stereotype. A new culture of government could do with being ushered in, and soon


Don't Be Stupid

Are we turning into a fearful, passive culture that finds it easier to blame others for our circumstances than take real responsibility for our lives? A culture where what is frankly foolish is celebrated, rather than what is wise searched out?