In a Barbie World

Women have come a very long way since, say, the 1960s: running companies, sitting in government, leading the way in difficult parts of the world. But in terms of the fetishising of the female body, we’re still back in the days of big hair and white lipstick

Beyond Clever

The present climate nightmare is a perfect example of two kinds of intelligence locked in a battle: the rational beauty of scientific progress, and then how we address the reality it uncovers

It's What's Inside That Counts

As society moves away from the individualism and overt consumerism of recent decades, and we are being led to examine our actions and their effects on others, could it be that a new and more ethical background to our decision-making is emerging?

Bigger and Not Better

Our old institutions, the banks, government and city fathers, have led us to believe that they have earned a place at the heart of society. A heart that, as we have witnessed over the last few years, is no longer beating true

The Joy of the Job

At both ends of our ‘entitlement society’ – a state of affairs that’s changing by the day – there are those who feel that life owes them. But nothing could be further from the truth

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