Connie Noble

Amidst the tragedies and challenges of the current global pandemic, it’s hard to imagine humanity facing any greater threat. Yet alongside everything we’re facing, the climate crisis is worsening every day, and, on its current trajectory, will vastly overshadow Covid-19 as the defining disaster of our generation – Connie Noble is a novel that brings this sharply into focus.

Kick The Can

Davos reflections in a nutshell: we lived well and passed on the burden of climate change to the next generation

Message From The Egg

Imagine living and travelling in an egg-shaped vessel to discover the meaning of place and community at a time of environmental changes. We follow artist Stephen Turner in his journey of discovering enchantment of the natural world.

Paris Climate Festival 2015 ArtCOP21

Climate change is often seen through a policy or scientific lens, and solutions are discussed only in political offices, boardrooms and negotiating halls. ArtCop21 launched ahead of the UN climate talks in Paris, aims to challenge those tropes

Organic, Photographer & Subject

A sense of kinship between photographer and subject permeates Francesco Mastalia's work. He makes photographs as photographers did 150 years ago, just like the farmers pictured in his latest book, Organic, grow vegetables and raise cattle in the tradition of their forebears. Like food produced with pride for flavour and texture, these are photographs to slowly savour

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