More Than Honey

It is mostly with honey that we associate the humming and bumbling little insect, that rests on our ice cream in summers and stings us if we cross lush meadows bare-footed. Bees are about so much more than honey though, as a documentary on the busy workers, which is hitting British cinemas in September, shows. Sublime finds out about these importance issues and talks to urban beekeepers on their approach to save the colonies

The Wisdom of Bees

Michael O’Malley knows a few things about business organisations. As a former management consultant, he coached on how to achieve greater efficiency and cohesiveness. Then, after becoming a beekeeper, he was soon greatly struck by how much bees’ behaviour could teach us about maximising performance within companies

Plight of the Honeybee

It's not exactly news that bee colonies have been in steady decline worldwide over the past several decades. With intensive farming being cited as one of the main causes we take a brief look at the other possible reasons for what is commonly known as colony collapse disorder. Whilst it may seem easy to point the finger at pesticides and intensive farming – which no doubt play a part – many scientists are now looking for other possible reasons to explain their dramatic and worrying downfall