Green Salon: BRUNS

The use of toxic chemicals in the professional salon industry is more than a little hair-raising. New Swedish brand BRUNS is challenging the status quo.

Eco Summer

From vegan skincare to energy-saving homeware, Sublime introduces five Good Brand Award winners that make for an exceptional, sustainable summer.

Shower Conscious

Upgrading your shower experience whilst saving water is just one of the positives of Vitaclean filters. Founders, Sara Douglas and Kristina Velkova explain how their sustainable showerheads conserve 25% more water whilst also stimulating healthier hair and skin.

Investing In You

How often do you neglect your needs in favour of others’? Self-care is crucial, and especially so during these difficult times. Dr Mariano Spiezia shares the best ways to look after your body and mind, from organic food to natural skincare rituals.

Coffee, Caffeine & Beauty

Caffeine is the most actively used drug in the world, and yet we seldom think about its long term impact on the body and mind. Dr Mariano Spiezia explores the benefits - and dangers - of coffee.

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